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Monday, January 25, 2016

GT Bank’s ATMs Dispensing Old & Mutilated Currencies

Users of GT bank’s ATMs at Omole Estate, Ojodu, are far from being happy as the currencies dispensed by the ATM on Friday, 22nd of January, were beyond recognition as vital parts of these currencies have been mutilated and many of them are dirty and old. It is beyond reasons how such currencies will be loaded by the bank’s officials for users to withdraw.

Some of those who used the ATM and withdrew the terrible currencies voiced their disappointments to TheCapital; one Mr James Ikhide, an Estate Agent, who withdrew N10,000 of which half of the currencies were very said, “I can’t believe this is happening. These currencies are very bad and no one will collect them from me. Why will these bank officials load such terrible currencies in their ATM for people to withdraw? I think CBN should investigate this.”

Another user, Mrs Adeyemo, a Teacher, said. “All the currencies are very bad. I can’t even spend them. They should have destroyed these currencies; they should not be in circulation again. But GTB have decided to circulate it. It’s a shame.”


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