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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Skye Bank Flays Action Of Customer, Tuns Farms Limited

Skye Bank PLC has described as an abuse of the judicial process the illegal action of a customer, Tuns Farms Limited which acted illegally by disrupting its operations
despite a   Notice of appeal and stay of execution order  filed by the bank against an OSOGBO High Cour judgement in favor of the customer.

According to a statement issued by the bank, Tuns Farm abused the judicial process by approaching the same court whose judgement has been appealed for an enforcement order on the bank. Curiously, the bank said the High Court granted the plaintiff's request when it no longer had jurisdiction on the matter.

The bank explained that both the stay of execution order and notice appeal were duly served on the plaintiff.

Skye Bank said the case was on appeal at the Supreme Court and another at the Court of Appeal with both parties waiting for a date to argue their cases.

The bank reassured its customers that normal services would reopen at its three branches invaded in Osogbo by the plaintiff and his agents tomorrow, and commended them for being loyal to the bank

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