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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Raging Power Play Inside Heritage Bank Over Moves To Draft EFCC Into Suspended Director, Mary Akpobome’s Case

The power play inside heritage Bank is threatening to spill overboard.

There are said to be moves and counter moves over attempts to drag anti corruption agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission into the affairs of the bank.

‘’some people want
EFCC to wade into the matter that got Director Mary Akpobome suspended’’ a source stated.

Akpobome represents one of the major interests at play in the struggle for control of the bank.

Her side had the upper until recently when one of the other two powers took charge with greater investment and apt board room manoeuvre.

The powerful Director got suspended in the guise of directive to go recoup huge loans she facilitated for customers.

Information filtering in have it the decision to ‘’suspend’’ her was the fall out of failure to get desired results based on inside pressure while she ‘’actively ‘’ retained her office.

And not satisfied with just sending her on suspension, sources claim some ‘’people’’ have started a campaign to send EFCC after her in bid to apply more stringent pressure.

Others are said to be resisting this move based on the implication for the image of the bank, as well as investors’ confidence.

The battle on whether to involve the EFCC is labelled very much on and intense.

This development is against the background of claims the bank requires as much funds as possible to sustain it operations

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