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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Speculation As Many Wonder Whether President Muhammadu Buhari Would Attend Wedding Of Favourite Nephew Tunde Shuaibu On April 29

There is unprecedented thrill in the socio-political arena. Nigeria’s circle of the filthy rich is agog like medieval Rome in the throes of Caesar’s wedding party. Barring any last minute hitch, President Buhari’s nephew, Tunde Shuaibu, is set to marry  in
grand style, this Saturday, April 29, in Kaduna State.

President Buhari named Shuaib after his late Vice, Tunde Idiagbon, many years ago. Buhari loves Shuaib like his own son and he is his Personal Assistant. Tunde is one of the four aides of Mr. President that are very powerful. Without them, you cannot see him. They are so powerful and influential. It is however, unclear whether Mr. President will attend the wedding ceremony due to his health.


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