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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Emerging Big Question...Out Side Of The Mass ‘’Pull Him Down’’ Hysteria, What Exactly Is The Sin Of Senate President Bukola Saraki ?

There is an emerging big question that is gradually catching a lot of attentions.

And the theme is.
.what exactly is the sin of Senate President Bukola Saraki that is making him catch flakes from multiple quarters.

Those who came up with this poser backed it up with some interesting backgrounds.

And  the poser is produced as sourced

‘’What is the Sin of Bukola Saraki ?
When you ask them why they want to occupy NASS they will say because of Saraki.
What has Saraki done ? He has refused to be a puppet of Buhari’s kitchen Cabals.
Ask how many Economic bills the President has sent to NASS and they have refused to pass ? None.
In a swift response to the economy entering recession, the Senate passed 7 urgent Economic bills without the knowledge of the Executives.
All of them pending since last assembly and one is the reason the coastal and Lagos/ibadan railways can start reconstruction.
Ask how many anti corruption bills the Executives has sent to the NASS? One, the whistleblower bill and it’s going through the process.
Ask how many public accountability bills have been sent to the nass to date? None
How many education or health reform bills have been sent to the nass by the executive? none
How many judicial reform bills have been sent to the nass by the executive to date? None
How many economic diversification bills including oil and gas sector reforms have been sent by the executive to the nass since inception? None.
How is it that the man who has lead to the initiation of 13 economic reforms and business environment bills is the one against change?
How is it that despite the distractions he has not one day offered excuses but continues to push on with legislative reforms the enemy of change?
How is that though the president has continued to violate our laws and the constitution by unilaterally dismissing all public boards for 2yrs without replacement; nigeria is without ambassadors in all countries for 2years?
Is Saraki corrupt? Ask EFCC that has been taking him to court since 2012.
Because Jonathan refused to assent to the nPDP’s request that EFCC withdraws it’s prosecution they joined APC to remove Jonathan. So it’s not today EFCC started prosecuting him.
Is it Saraki who rejected Magu? No! DSS a body under the Presidency defied the orders of the President and said Magu isn’t fit to handle the office.
Did Senate summon Comptroller of Customs because of SUV imported for Saraki? No!
The said vehicle was imported to Nigeria in 2014 by private individuals, cleared by them. Saraki was still in PDP. The vehicle was sold to the NASS in 2015 March, he wasn’t Senate President yet. It was seized in 2017 January.
Is it Saraki that has crashed the naira to N500? No. Is he the reason inflation is 18%? No. Is he the reason the Economic world says Nigeria has no Economic blueprint? No. Is he the reason people are owed salaries? No. Is he the reason people are losing their jobs? No. Is he the reason people are committing suicides? No.
So what is his sin? He refused to be a puppet, notwithstanding the blackmail and corruption cases cooked up because he chose not to be a lackey. God save Nigeria from mediocrity and backwardness.’’

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