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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Oil Man Tonye Cole’s Daughter, Vannessa Makes Headlines

When she stepped out recently, the 20 something-year-old occasioned many double takes and inspired lustful gawks and
inadvertent drool. 

She is gradually coming into her own and making guys swallow a cascade of spittle in quick succession.

Like her mother, Vennessa is smart as a whip and as beautiful and fashionable as they come.
By Jove, the young lady also inherited her dad’s smile-wide grin and sharp intellect that has seen him conquer the otherwise difficult Nigerian oil terrain in two decades of his entry.  But wait a minute, Vennessa has become a Turn-up Queen. 

Besides fashion and style, Vennessa consumes liquor like a fish gulps brackish water.

So pitiful is her weakness for Shisha that she takes it everytime she is out for clubbing. 

Despite her father’s wealth the dark-hued girl seems insatiable as she craves the wild and extreme side of life. 

Otherwise known as Turn up Queen on the photo-sharing site, Instagram. Indeed, she lives large as can be seen on her IG page.

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