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Saturday, September 29, 2018

How Ella, Billionaire Benny Peters' Wife Luxury In Husband's Wealth Abroad

Yes, Ella Peters is the deity behind the eminence of billionaire businessman behind Aiteo Group, Benny Peters. Without Ella, Benny would be no extraordinary man. There is no gainsaying Ella dwarfs too many of her peers in womanliness, valour and character.
Benny was made for
Ella. To Ella, it probably feels like she had him ordered and delivered to her, to be worshipped and revered. On this note, it may be said that Benny is Ella’s idol. And this is where it gets interesting; Benny also considers Ella a boon from God. The Aiteo head honcho treasures Ella like a priceless heirloom – this explains his predilection not to flaunt her like a sapphire-studded wristwatch or button hole bouquet to the world.
Through fortunate seasons and his most trying spell, Ella stood unflinchingly by Benny, urging him to seek solace in God’s ceaseless mercies. Their love was neither a performance nor a jailhouse thus Benny and his heartthrob felt no pressure to break out of a literal or symbolic prison of lust and unrequited love
She is a darling and a champion no doubt; unlike several women whose major preoccupation is unnecessary worry and fear of losing their husbands to other women, Ella lives rest assured that her husband is hers forever. Hence rather than squander precious time mooting plots and counter plots against presumed rivals, she devotes herself to loving her man and nourishing her marriage with unwavering devotion, loyalty and care.
Based in Atlanta, USA, Ella hides her vanity beneath a veneer of humility…but at odd moments—in the exciting company of her bosom friends, in the folds of a wispy day-dream or the middle of a friendly and feel-good banter, she betrays her lust for reverence and acclaim. For instance, she hardly engages in conversations with her friends without making reference to her husband’s corporate status.benny peters
She shouldn’t be envied after all; having braved through trying times with her better half, it’s only fair that she enjoys the spoils of perseverance with him as the going gets rosier. Ella lives in America with their wonderful children. They have everything money can buy at their disposal. You name it! Benny spoils them silly.
However, under former President Goodluck Jonathan, Benny was one of those dictating the pace in the oil sector. No wonder the accomplished businessman was rated by Forbes, the influential American business magazine, as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest men.

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