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Friday, June 28, 2019

Inside The Campaign To Ensure Coza Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Does Not Evade Rape Allegation By Singer Dakolo’s Wife Busayo

Flamboyant Biodun Fatoyinbo, the lead Pastor at immensely popular ministry Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) is in for a very rough time.
Busola, the wife of Singer Timi Dakolo has accused him of rape.
And early signs indicate that Pastor Fatoyinbo
may not escape the consequence of this particular episode.
‘’Because this particular allegation is actually a campaign to secure justice against the Fatoyinbo by the victim’’ learned.
Multiple sources disclosed that to understand what is happening a clinical look needs to be taken at how the ‘’revelation’’ it town.
Busola narrated her ordeal in the hands of Fatoyinbo – when she was unmarried and a chorister in his church – in an interview with Chude Judeonwo of the Joy, Inc.
Jideonwo – along with partners at Red Africa – was a hero of successful presidential elections in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Liberia.
‘’From the little I know, Chude wouldn’t touch a major allegation against such a well known and influential figure with putting certain things in place and sure of the narrative he is pushing out’’ a source pointed out.
A careful check of the background where the interview was conducted revealed a tongue in cheek pointer.
‘’The interview appeared conducted in a church, right in front of the Altar. The church symbolizes holiness, the Altar represents sacredness both are a direct representation of the truth’’ a source analyzed.’s checks reveal the background as a silent but strong visual message that is meant to subconsciously make the audience understand how weighty the rape allegation is, especially committed by a Pastor.
‘’We can call it a double-edged sword. The background screams of holiness, sacredness and the allegation shouts of grave assault on these things people hold dear’’ another source pointed out.
Multiple sources concede that the manner Bisola’s revelation against Pastor Fatoyinbo came can indeed be tagged ‘’the beginning of a campaign for justice’’.
“And it is a very telling telltale of efforts that have gone into getting things right and telltale of possible things to come” learned.
Here is brief – official – background on interviewer Jideonwo sourced from ‘’’’ to put things in better context.
Chude Jideonwo (born 16 March 1985) is a Nigerian lawyer, journalist and media entrepreneur.
He is the founder of Joy, Inc., an American benefit corporation with a Nigerian subsidiary, which aims to make people happier. All of Joy, Inc.’s profits are invested in charities. He has worked for several years in media, advertising and public relations.[1] He is also involved in new/social media and youth lifestyles.[2] Before Joy, Inc., he led African media group, Red Africafor 13 years,[3][4] working on national elections and social movements in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Liberia. He is a co-founder of The Future Project, which is focused on inspiring leadership, building entrepreneurs, and using the media (traditional and new) as a tool for social change.

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