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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Its High Economic Impact As BUA Cements Trains Over 500 Building Technicians, Block Makers Nationwide

BUA Cement has continued its technical capacity development Programmes for building technicians and block makers across Nigeria with its cement usage workshops held in collaboration with the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) and the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). So far, over 500 building technicians and block makers have been trained with the latest conducted in Ilorin and Lagos this week.
Some stakeholders who
shared their experiences with BUA Cement at the event were excited with the one-day workshop tagged “Optimizing Cement Usage to Achieve Better Quality and Yields in Block-Making” designed to offer standard practices to the stakeholders to address the series of building collapse in the country.
Speaking, Samuel Daniel the Deputy Chairman of the Ogbomoso Block Industry said “BUA Cement dries fast and it is stronger because when the blocks are molded today, the next day the blocks are already dried and strong. Also when you are loading the blocks in the truck, it is the same amount of blocks molded that will be there. None will be broken or shattered”.
Corroborating Samuel’s claim was Famuagun Caleb another stakeholder from Ado-Ekiti who said, “I want to testify that BUA Cement is super. Since I have been using the product, and in over two years of using it without error, I want to testify that BUA Cement is strong. I have used BUA Cement, come rain, sun shine and I can tell you that BUA Cement is the best”.
Addressing the stakeholders, , Nasiru Ladan, General Manager Sales, BUA (Obu) Cement thanked them for their continued patronage of BUA Cement “The King of Strength” and berated the wrong application of cement and other construction materials in bid to reduce cost and maximize profits, thereby producing substandard infrastructure within the country.
According to Ladan, “We will continue to intensify education, awareness and training of end users on the correct use of the cement mixes in collaboration with relevant standard and regulatory bodies.
“So what we are doing here today is simple. BUA Cement has consistently made it its responsibility to educate stakeholders in the building and block making industry on the proper mix and application of cement with other materials. We believe that standard building of high-quality is possible only if the mix of the cement with other materials is appropriate.
“Cement quality is of primary importance to the ultimate consumers who are builders, concrete and block makers. This is where the BUA Cement brand is different from others because it is of 42.5 and 52.5 texture grade. This is the highest quality texture, which mixes and dries easily. BUA Cement is certified in fineness, setting time, soundness and strength. These are the value of the cement and requirements in the mix with other construction materials such as sand, granite, etc.”

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