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Sunday, May 31, 2020

10 Memorable Quotes Of Osinbajo On Igbos, Biafra And The Civil War.

1. "The Igbo apprenticeship system has been cited as the biggest business incubator in the world and the Southeast is the birthplace of Nollywood; our film industry which has achieved global renown on the strength of the creativity and imagination of young Nigerians."

2. "One of our errors in times past has been our inability to appropriate the positive aspects of the Civil War legacy such as the spirit of innovation and self-reliance that inspired technological feats in extreme circumstances even here in this museum. Within that period, our people manufactured weapons and tools for refining crude."

3. "I think there is no greater evidence of how firmly we have closed ranks as a people than the fact that industrialists of this region (South East) are today equipping our nation’s Armed Forces."

4. "Setbacks and adversity are as integral to a nation’s journey as they are to human existence as a whole. But we have also known hope and victory, we should not on account of the disappointments we have suffered, give up on our collective possibilities and on each other."

5. "The ties that bind us have survived the most intense disagreement we have ever known as a people and it resulted in the Civil War."

6. "Brothers and sisters, no human relationship is perfect and no nation is received or conceived in ideal circumstances. All polities, no matter how good they look today, are imperfect and only through the labours of their members are they perfected."

7. "It is true that we are not where we want to be, but we have not been standing still either, our country is very much, a work in progress. The attainment of peace and justice is not an event, but a process and a journey."

8. "In 2017, this administration paid the accumulated arrears of pensions owed to retired war-affected ex-Biafran Police, who have been pardoned since 2000. This was more than a gesture of good faith, it demonstrates our belief in fairness and justice and our conviction that we can only move forward together."

9. "We must build a country devoid of any form of discrimination and marginalization. This is the ideal to which we must strive. However, we cannot prosecute this struggle with weapons of bigotry and hatred. Our tools for creating the country we want, have to be those of empathy and a willingness to invest effort in understanding each other."

10. "All of us must also be mindful of the sacrifice that unity calls for; it means that those of us in power must understand that the bitterness of the loser when the winner takes it all, will ultimately swallow all including the winner. Three watchwords matter: fairness, equity and justice."

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