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Friday, May 29, 2020

Lagos Nightlife Dwindles Amid Coronavirus Restrictions

Hundreds of people have earned a living for several years in Nigeria's entertainment capital Lagos by tapping into his exuberance. 

But the coronavirus pandemic has cut off their source of income. Nigeria's government, like others across the globe, has shut bars, nightclubs, and restaurants since late March to curb the spread of the virus.

Like entertainers worldwide, several have switched to online plying their skills online. Now, party-goers watch videos posted live on Instagram of the DJ and entertainers.

But while the online parties keep brands alive, it cannot still be monetised as several party lovers who watch isolation party online misses the club scene while in the comfort of their rooms.

Most Nigerians are lovers of celebration known for throwing boisterous parties and consumption of high-end alcohol brands worth thousands of dollars.

As the Lagos population grows, the state's growing middle class and elite circle aspire to attain maximum entertainment but this lifestyle has been hampered by the new coronavirus keeping Nigerians home. And the night curfew imposed by the federal government.

The problem is shared by bar and club owners.

Lagos is not complete without its nightlife scene, its bigger and these nightlife businesses complement or contribute to the GDP (Gross domestic product) of the state, through events, nightlife, concerts and the 

But as the search for a vaccine continued, business will continue to suffer. 

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