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Thursday, April 6, 2023

How Aero Aircraft develops fault mid-air, almost crashland In Abuja

A Port Harcourt-bound Aero Contractors plane on Wednesday developed fault mid-air and had to return to Abuja for an emergency landing.

Sources say the aircraft took off at about 8:40am and a few minutes into the flight, the pilot announced he had to return back to Abuja for an emergency landing.

Passengers on board didn’t understand the gravity of the technical issues the plane encountered until it was almost impossible for the pilot to land safely in Abuja.

It was later realised that the engine had serious issues like hydraulic leakage according to our source. 

'It was terrifying. Many people on board started crying and saying their last prayers. But we managed to land back in Abuja despite the difficulty encountered,” our source narrated.

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