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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


All things being equal Patience, the wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Jonathan Goodluck should have attained another height of beauty when next she makes a public appearance.
Sources attribute this development to recent moves by the first lady who attained her status barely weeks back.
She is said to have travelled out of the country for a facial surgery in the last days of the previous week.
Her date of departure is given as Thursday 20, May 2010.
Her destination is revealed as a very discreet beauty enhancement facility in Lebanon.
Informants revealed that the wife of the first lady travelled out of the country on the official pretext of paying official visit on the First Lady of Lebanon.
Insiders revealed that very few of those in her entourage knew about the beauty treatment arm of the visit.
According to a source ‘the facial surgery is meant to take care of noticeable wrinkles and blotches on her skin- it is not something extensive’
The source further disclosed that the aim of the development is to undergo a beauty care that will throw up a image the befits her status as the first lady.
Insiders explained that Lebanon was chosen as part of attempts to keep the matter as private as possible.
‘many would not expect the wife of the president to go there for that kind of treatment- and very few people know that a-level beauty care is available in that country’ another source enthused.
It is not sure how long the first lady will spend in that part of the world but information indicates ‘it is meant to be a quick visit that will appear ordinary’
Surgery aim at enhancing one’s beauty is not an uncommon phenomenon among public office holders- or wife of men of power in the country.
Popular politician Florence Ita Giwa is generally labelled a case in study of the art- while late first lady Stella Obasanjo threw the nation into great mourning when she gave up the ghost in the course of surgery meant to reduce her tummy in far away Germany as part of preparation to celebrate her birthday when her husband was still in office..


Governor of Oyo state,Adebayo Alao Akala is at the centre of a growing controversy.
The fresh story swirling up about the person of the number one citizen of Oyo state is the handiwork of oppositions- and the people behind the development are ready to stand by it.
Information available to Man About Town indicates that political opponents of the governor with former governor and chieftain of action congress, Alhaji Lam Adeshina as arrow heads have gone to town with claims that the incumbent has frittered away all of one hundred and twenty seven billion naira belonging to the state.
The fund is said to be accumulation of all monies accrued to the state via the federal government since Otunba Akala assumed office.
The opposition alleged that all the projects the governor claimed to have perfected all these years do not amount to a quarter of the fund in monetary value. And the Governor is said to have told all and sundry that he has expended all the money and is even sourcing for more funds to be able to perform better.
Information at the disposal of Man About Town revealed that the opposition have compiled a detailed document of myriads of allegations relating to the fund and presently collating signatures to a petition that will invite relevant authorities to look into the matter.
It is not sure how soon this act well be perfected.
Meanwhile as if unmindful of this growing agitation against him, insiders explained that the former police boss turned governor just doled out five million naira as birthday gift to one his trusted aides.
The beneficiary is listed as Mr Diran Odeyemi, the governor’s special adviser on special duties
Mr Odeyemi is about to turn forty- and the Governor was said to have avail him the fund to enable him set up a proper celebration among other things.


Friday May 14 2010, there was only a one stop place of enjoyment on Vitoria Island Lagos- Movida.
It was the opening night of the all night house of enjoyment put together by influential player on the scene Akeem Shodehinde and rising factor in the night life business, Jeniffa.
Participant at the ceremony tagged it ‘an irrepressible night of undiluted enjoyment’
Sources disclosed that thought the fun flight kicked off a little later than planned the night lived up to its billing.
The crowd was hectic, the music was unrivalled and the reception by the club owners and their crew tagged an experience worthy of experiencing again.
Right from the entrance Akeem Shodehinde in a cool and sparkling suede jacket over deep black pants was on hand to specially welcome the guests. Beautiful female members of his crew led them to carefully chosen spots. And before many were seated bottles of champagnes, complimentary drinks, were on the table. The banter was light and the music was good- it was strictly old school jamz in the early hours of the fun.
Before many knew what was happening it was past midnight- and the hall was filled to capacity.
The V.I.P section was choked- the regulars was packed, all the big players in the night life were on hand to celebrate one of their own. And the D.Js- Jackson and Stramborela- did justice to the event. Everyone danced their hearts out to the beats.
According to an aide of Akeem Shodehinde’ the one hundred and fifty million naira investment is worth every dime this night’
And he went on to detail millions of naira expenditure on musical equipment, about twenty flat screen television, different phases of the renovation work, security lightening, air cooling systems and other things.
Independent observers however confirmed, like the name in English ‘Movement’, Movida housed the movement of night life players from all other fun spots all night long that night.
And, many affirmed with back slaps and words of encouragement as they left in the wee hours of the next morning to Akeem and his partner that ‘the experience is something that will make the place a front runner if it is sustained’

Thursday, May 20, 2010


The tattered marital knot holding the marriage of Kehinde Oloyede Almouroof to wife, Adetoun after a slight separation has been severed.
This development is said to be due to an alleged romantic liaison between the Adetoun and Kazeem Aliu Bello, the local council boss of Coker Aguda in Lagos state.
The estranged wife is said to have become so involved with the local government chairman that he allegedly bankrolled a birthday party for her recently.
The talk of the town event was said to have held at hall provided by the council boss in his area.
The birthday bash reportedly held in April 2010. It was said to witness political associates and friends of the council boss- including current state helmsman of transport Union-NURTW, Olohunwa.
Investigations conducted by Man About Town revealed that the news of the intimate dalliance between his estranged wife and his political opponent is said to have finally made Oloyede to cut ties with his wife.
Kehinde Almouroof is a popular Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) stalwart and Federal House of Representative aspirant in Lagos state. The council boss allegedly currently romancing his wife operates on the platform of rival political party, Action Congress.
Investigations revealed that since news of the affair reached Oloyede , he withdrew his children- 5- from the care of his wife. He is said to quarter them at his magodo Lagos home.
His estranged wife is said to presently reside in Ikorodu Lagos.
Information made available to Man About Town has it that the crisis in the marriage that was blessed with five children started in 2006.
Adetoun was said to have attacked one of her friends, Laide for allegedly dating her husband- the resultant effect of this action reportedly threw her out of her marital home.
Since then sources claim she had moved in and out of her marriage on this and that premise until the last exit early this year.
Insiders explained that the latest movement out of her matrimonial home was over moves by the politician to take a second wife- Adetoun was said to have passionately kicked against the effort and moved out in with her children in tow in protest. She was barely out of the home for two months before news of romantic dalliances started filtering to her husband and he retrieved the children from her care and from news filtering appeared to have bade a final farewell to the mother of his children. A second wife is said to be tending to the emotional and domestic needs of the politician at present.


Society lady, Shade Aleshinloye, the better half of politician and ex flamboyant spender Rilwan Aleshinloye is on the verge of completing a heart warming project.
Sources explained that boss of Jewelry affairs located inside Civic Centre Victoria Island Lagos is putting finishing touches to a private home she is building.
The housing project is said to be located inside Lekki Pahse 1 Lagos.
According to a source ‘it is located not too far from the area tagged second junction’
Sources explained the politician’s wife has been on the project for some time now.
But according to a source ‘she really worked hard on keeping quiet and away from the public’
Sources explained the massive renovation work recently undertaken by her husband at his popular leisure spot Alesh Hotels also helped in no small measure to take away attention from Shade and her moves.
But now sources explained almost completely the cat is out of the back on the new project- sources recently stumbled on the development and the news has started making the rounds.
The project is tagged a duplex- and should be done with in a couple of days time.


Expelled Pastor of Winners Chapel Pastor Gideon Oyedepo just suffered another devastating incident.
His mistress Funmi Orija just lost the second child of the relationship.
The development came to be recently.
The circumstances that led to this development are yet to be established at press time.
The development is the latest in a string of difficulties that is trudging the way of the younger brother of the founder of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo.
Not too long ago, he was the subject of multiple pregnancy scandal that rocked the choir of Winners Chapel, he later turned up at the centre of an assassination plot and days after this got expelled from the Christian ministry based on myriads of unchristian allegations.
Presently he is said to be mourning the loss of a child from his celebrated extra marital affairs to his long time mistress Funmi Orija.
Meanwhile fresh information has it that Havanna Hotel, the hospitality centre set up my clearing agent Lekan Famutide is located on an outlet Winners Chapel.
Sources explained that the site of the hotel located in Gowon estate Lagos was formerly a guest house of the Christian ministry. And the founder of the church Bishop David Oyedepo is said to constantly make use of the place before it was sold.
Investigations conducted by Man About Town revealed that the Winners Chapel guest house was sold to the hotelier- though the price involved In the transaction is yet to be confirmed.
It is equally not clear why the church sold off the guest house to the clearing agent to convert into an hotel.


Sacked bank chief, Cecilia Ibru has been fingered as the catalyst of the growing debts crippling the operations of popular air line Aero contractors.
The Airline which is presently struggling hard to meet it debt obligations is said to in great debt to financial institution Oceanic Bank Plc.
The debt folio is said to be in the region of seventy million dollars and growing by the day.
Taken in the form of loan to be repaid over a specified period of time and stipulated rates the fund was meant to enhance the services of the Airline.
It has been discovered that the gargantuan debt could have been done away if prudency had been employed by the facilitators of the business arrangements between Oceanic Bank and Aero Contractor.
The deal which placed the Airline in this economic tight spot was said to have been put together by former bank Managing Director Cecilia Ibru while she was the head person of Oceanic Bank and also doubled as the Chairman of Aero Contractors.
The Ibrus own substantial portion of both businesses- but recent findings revealed that Cecilila Ibru might have acted more out of personal than corporate gains in setting up the business.
This discovery was unearthed by Central Bank of Nigeria’s investigations into the books of Oceanic bank as part of moves to turn around the precarious economic situation the leadership of Cecilia Ibru placed the bank before she was booted out along with her board of directors.
Among new discoveries that indicted Cecilia Ibru in the deal that is threatening to cripple the operations of Aero Contractors is the purchase of five units of boeing 737- 500 series aircraft at the alleged inflated cost of 12.5million dollars each. Further investigations revealed that similar purchase could be obtained for 7million dollars in the open market.
Oceanic Bank under Cecilia Ibru had gone ahead to lease the obscene acquisition to Aero Contractor at another unheard of monthly rate 280,000 dollars per month.
Oceanic Capital, another subsidiary of Oceanic Bank served as the go between in the deal experts claimed is obtainable in the United States of America- or Europe for 80,000 dollars.
Aero Contractor is said to be finding it hard to be meet the terms of payment of the deal based on it current level of patronage.
Further investigations revealed that in order to protect it survival- and safe guard the job security of the about one thousand two hundred staffers on it pay role and the handful of foreigners helping to pilot the ship of it success informers explained that the management of Aero Contractors have started balking over the terms of agreement in the loan- they are said to have started making spirited moves to renegotiate a more favourable terms.
The management of Oceanic bank are said to be passionately kicking against the move.
According to a source ‘they need all the cash to turn around the bank- and if Aero Contractor get away with it agitation there will be an unavoidable shortfall in their expected income, so for them the move by Aero is a no no’
Further investigations revealed that there are strong indications that the former Bank M.D catalyst of the deal might be brought in for fresh charges in the case.
According to a source ‘the harm she has done to the operations of Aero Contractor is great’
Industry news has it that should the Airline fail to wiggle out of the strangling loan arrangement with Oceanic Bank- against the background of it other debt commitment- it should be considered liquidated except of course reprieve come from an unexpected angle.

Monday, May 3, 2010


A multi million naira fraud is currently rocking the branch office of a micro finance bank situated within the confines of the Oregun, Lagos premises of place of worship- Christ Embassy.
And to complicate the matter some of the suspects in the scam currently undergoing police investigations are listed as worshippers at the Christian centre with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as religious headman.
The name of the micro finance bank is given as Parallex.
The identities of the suspect in the scam are revealed as Orie Nwakaego Felicia, keneyinboh Mariama Eneyi, Ezeagwuna Chinaelo Hannah and Essien Mable Ufon Abasi. They are all female members of the micro finance bank.
Sources put the figure of the fraud at twenty five million naira.
The accused were said to have perpetrated their crime by diverting company funds into private accounts.
Ezeagwuna Chinaelo Hannah and Essien Mable Ufon Abasi are said to have confessed to the crime.
Ezeagwunna was said to have lived large with her share of the scam living in well furnished apartments- and cruising about town in state of the art cars.
Her accomplice Keneyinboh was said to have attempted to escape detection with a hurried resignation in Dcember 2009 that was rejected- 2-5millionm naira was discovered missing in one of the accounts in her care.
Orie Nwakaego Felicia simply address as Ego by friends allegedly diverted over fourteen million naira from customers account- 2.3 million was discovered in her private account in the course of investigation into the case.
She is alleged to have refused to divulge the whereabouts of the remaining fund.
It was also discovered in the course of investigation that Nwakaego reportedly expended part of the stolen fund on a pathfinder jeep she doled out to her boyfriend.
Informants claimed she planned to marry the beneficiary of the car gift in May 2010.
Insiders revealed that the development has generated trust crisis among friends of the suspects who are co worshipers at the church where the affected business is located.
Parallex Microfinance Bank has it head office on Ogunlana street off Allen Avenue Ikeja.


Club owner, Akeem Shodehinde has pegged Friday May 14 2010 as the opening date of his new club.
The identity of the new place is labelled Movida- the Spanish word for movement.
And the heavy weight player in the night life business confirmed this development in a phone chat.
The new enterprise of the beefy fella is located on Idowu Taylor street Victoria Island Lagos, specifically it is the building that formerly housed shut down fun place Club Towers.
Akeem is said to be partnering a fast rising factor in the night life business, Jenifa in the venture.
The lady, a resident of Lekki phase one was one of the elements that helped established the success story of notable place of leisure Auto Lounge.
Investigations conducted revealed that Akeem and his crew are earnestly working round the clock at the site of the new business to ensure renovation works are completed before the opening date.
Informants disclosed that they want to create a totally different ambience from what they met on ground-but workmen are seemingly not working at enough paces to help achieve the aim.
According to those privy to developments at the place part of the effected changes include the introduction of a V.I.P sections, installation of ten flat screen televisions scattered all over the club, fitting of about forty air conditioning systems and the utilisation of state of the art mixer that can cater for two different can of music at a go. A kitchenette that will operate as a business of it own is also in the bargain. It is yet to be confirmed whether the arm of the business will be contracted out or put under the administration of the club.
Further investigations revealed that two power generating units with the capacity of 250 K.V.A have been installed at the place. The stretch of Idowu Taylor street on which the club is sited is said to have been installed with halogen lights to complement the efforts of about sixteen bouncers expected to maintain law and order at the about to be launch business.
Those who should however divulged that despite all these there are still grey areas in the preparations- key staffers to administer the place such as waiters, bar men and others are yet to be contracted. Akeem and his crew expected to fix this anomaly with an interview fixed for prospective candidates for different posts on Wednesday May 05 2010 at the site of the new business.
Work men are also said to be finding it a bit hard to perfect the kind of designs demanded for the interior. Maintained a source ‘ I know for a fact that Akeem and his people want marble painting for the inside- the kind of finishing required is taking the people doing the work more than expected time to get it right..such things here and there are delaying the work a bit’
Outside of these other plans for a grand opening are said to be in top gear.
A foreign artiste,Kerry Leon the fast rising member of the Akon crew is pencilled down to feature on the opening night. Her performance will be heralded by the musical artistry of permanent fixture at A-list shindigs The Shuga Band.
Information has it that the Shuga Band will begin performance at about 9.p.m till midnight before Kerry Leon performs.
All invitees are pencilled down for a treat of all ingredients of enjoyment on the house all through the engagements.
The Invitation card is said to be to fold- the proper invites with details of shape of opening night event and a notice invite informing the invitee to expect the proper invitation card.
And he confirmed this on phone and also used the opportunity to clear the air the status of his relationship with his partners in the Insomnia night club business.
‘It is true I am working on opening on May 14. I just want to do something new, cater for that upscale section of the night life market that I believe will appreciate the kind of thing I want to do. This thing doesn’t affect my relationship with Yobo and my other partners at Insomnia at all. We are all still friends and we still do business together. It is a very big market with something for everybody. There was no quarrel whatsoever I just want to do something new just like I did when I rested Xtreme for Reloaded and Reloaded for Insomnia’


The raging crisis ravaging the fold of Living Faith ministry world wide a.k.a Winners chapel has claimed it first major casualty.
Pastor Gabriel Oyedepo, the younger brother of the founder of the church Bishop David Oyedepo has been expelled from the Canaan land Ota Ogun state sited ministry.
And, the situation is said to be so grave that pleas by the mother of Bishop Oyedepo to get the elders of the church to reverse the ruling fell on deaf ears.
The younger Oyedepo was booted out of the ministry based on his wayward lifestyle that reportedly brought the ministry into disrepute at various times and resulted in creation of divisions that polarised the ministry to the point of police intervention.
He was the central figure in the alleged assassination attempt that earned five respected senior members of the church arrest by police authorities recently.
The occurrence threw up startling revelations that made the ruling body to force the face of the ministry, Bishop Oyedepo to take a clear cut stand on the issues at stake.
Overwhelming majority of the church leadership had opposed the continuous stay of Pastor Gabriel Oyedepo in the ministry after all said and done.
The immediate cause of his sack were allegations of impregnating two choir members in December 2009 and accusations of diverting church fund to support his obscene and excessive lifestyle.
The younger Oydepo is in charge of the administration and finances of the second most lucrative business enterprise of the Christian body tagged Domino.
The portion of the church operation deals with printing business.
Those who should know claimed the elders of the church were made to understand that Gabriel Oyedepo maintain about five mistresses in different parts of Lagos along with the celebrated lover that has bore him two children outside of wedlock, Funmi Orija by dipping his hands into church fund.
Sources maintained that the evidences provided by his accusers were so overwhelming against the backdrop of recent happenstances that his elder brother had no choice but to align with the elders of the Christian body in the decision to expel him.
But based on entreaties from his mother and the family bond that exist between them-sources explained that Bishop Oyedepo provided a soft landing for his younger brother.
He reportedly promised to help him start up an alternative ministry – or business that will make him independent.
The details of this offer are being worked out at present in the face of great doubts from many in the about Pastor Gabriel Oyedepo’s ability to work independent off his brother.