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Monday, May 3, 2010


Club owner, Akeem Shodehinde has pegged Friday May 14 2010 as the opening date of his new club.
The identity of the new place is labelled Movida- the Spanish word for movement.
And the heavy weight player in the night life business confirmed this development in a phone chat.
The new enterprise of the beefy fella is located on Idowu Taylor street Victoria Island Lagos, specifically it is the building that formerly housed shut down fun place Club Towers.
Akeem is said to be partnering a fast rising factor in the night life business, Jenifa in the venture.
The lady, a resident of Lekki phase one was one of the elements that helped established the success story of notable place of leisure Auto Lounge.
Investigations conducted revealed that Akeem and his crew are earnestly working round the clock at the site of the new business to ensure renovation works are completed before the opening date.
Informants disclosed that they want to create a totally different ambience from what they met on ground-but workmen are seemingly not working at enough paces to help achieve the aim.
According to those privy to developments at the place part of the effected changes include the introduction of a V.I.P sections, installation of ten flat screen televisions scattered all over the club, fitting of about forty air conditioning systems and the utilisation of state of the art mixer that can cater for two different can of music at a go. A kitchenette that will operate as a business of it own is also in the bargain. It is yet to be confirmed whether the arm of the business will be contracted out or put under the administration of the club.
Further investigations revealed that two power generating units with the capacity of 250 K.V.A have been installed at the place. The stretch of Idowu Taylor street on which the club is sited is said to have been installed with halogen lights to complement the efforts of about sixteen bouncers expected to maintain law and order at the about to be launch business.
Those who should however divulged that despite all these there are still grey areas in the preparations- key staffers to administer the place such as waiters, bar men and others are yet to be contracted. Akeem and his crew expected to fix this anomaly with an interview fixed for prospective candidates for different posts on Wednesday May 05 2010 at the site of the new business.
Work men are also said to be finding it a bit hard to perfect the kind of designs demanded for the interior. Maintained a source ‘ I know for a fact that Akeem and his people want marble painting for the inside- the kind of finishing required is taking the people doing the work more than expected time to get it right..such things here and there are delaying the work a bit’
Outside of these other plans for a grand opening are said to be in top gear.
A foreign artiste,Kerry Leon the fast rising member of the Akon crew is pencilled down to feature on the opening night. Her performance will be heralded by the musical artistry of permanent fixture at A-list shindigs The Shuga Band.
Information has it that the Shuga Band will begin performance at about 9.p.m till midnight before Kerry Leon performs.
All invitees are pencilled down for a treat of all ingredients of enjoyment on the house all through the engagements.
The Invitation card is said to be to fold- the proper invites with details of shape of opening night event and a notice invite informing the invitee to expect the proper invitation card.
And he confirmed this on phone and also used the opportunity to clear the air the status of his relationship with his partners in the Insomnia night club business.
‘It is true I am working on opening on May 14. I just want to do something new, cater for that upscale section of the night life market that I believe will appreciate the kind of thing I want to do. This thing doesn’t affect my relationship with Yobo and my other partners at Insomnia at all. We are all still friends and we still do business together. It is a very big market with something for everybody. There was no quarrel whatsoever I just want to do something new just like I did when I rested Xtreme for Reloaded and Reloaded for Insomnia’

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