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Monday, May 3, 2010


The raging crisis ravaging the fold of Living Faith ministry world wide a.k.a Winners chapel has claimed it first major casualty.
Pastor Gabriel Oyedepo, the younger brother of the founder of the church Bishop David Oyedepo has been expelled from the Canaan land Ota Ogun state sited ministry.
And, the situation is said to be so grave that pleas by the mother of Bishop Oyedepo to get the elders of the church to reverse the ruling fell on deaf ears.
The younger Oyedepo was booted out of the ministry based on his wayward lifestyle that reportedly brought the ministry into disrepute at various times and resulted in creation of divisions that polarised the ministry to the point of police intervention.
He was the central figure in the alleged assassination attempt that earned five respected senior members of the church arrest by police authorities recently.
The occurrence threw up startling revelations that made the ruling body to force the face of the ministry, Bishop Oyedepo to take a clear cut stand on the issues at stake.
Overwhelming majority of the church leadership had opposed the continuous stay of Pastor Gabriel Oyedepo in the ministry after all said and done.
The immediate cause of his sack were allegations of impregnating two choir members in December 2009 and accusations of diverting church fund to support his obscene and excessive lifestyle.
The younger Oydepo is in charge of the administration and finances of the second most lucrative business enterprise of the Christian body tagged Domino.
The portion of the church operation deals with printing business.
Those who should know claimed the elders of the church were made to understand that Gabriel Oyedepo maintain about five mistresses in different parts of Lagos along with the celebrated lover that has bore him two children outside of wedlock, Funmi Orija by dipping his hands into church fund.
Sources maintained that the evidences provided by his accusers were so overwhelming against the backdrop of recent happenstances that his elder brother had no choice but to align with the elders of the Christian body in the decision to expel him.
But based on entreaties from his mother and the family bond that exist between them-sources explained that Bishop Oyedepo provided a soft landing for his younger brother.
He reportedly promised to help him start up an alternative ministry – or business that will make him independent.
The details of this offer are being worked out at present in the face of great doubts from many in the about Pastor Gabriel Oyedepo’s ability to work independent off his brother.

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