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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


All things being equal Patience, the wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Jonathan Goodluck should have attained another height of beauty when next she makes a public appearance.
Sources attribute this development to recent moves by the first lady who attained her status barely weeks back.
She is said to have travelled out of the country for a facial surgery in the last days of the previous week.
Her date of departure is given as Thursday 20, May 2010.
Her destination is revealed as a very discreet beauty enhancement facility in Lebanon.
Informants revealed that the wife of the first lady travelled out of the country on the official pretext of paying official visit on the First Lady of Lebanon.
Insiders revealed that very few of those in her entourage knew about the beauty treatment arm of the visit.
According to a source ‘the facial surgery is meant to take care of noticeable wrinkles and blotches on her skin- it is not something extensive’
The source further disclosed that the aim of the development is to undergo a beauty care that will throw up a image the befits her status as the first lady.
Insiders explained that Lebanon was chosen as part of attempts to keep the matter as private as possible.
‘many would not expect the wife of the president to go there for that kind of treatment- and very few people know that a-level beauty care is available in that country’ another source enthused.
It is not sure how long the first lady will spend in that part of the world but information indicates ‘it is meant to be a quick visit that will appear ordinary’
Surgery aim at enhancing one’s beauty is not an uncommon phenomenon among public office holders- or wife of men of power in the country.
Popular politician Florence Ita Giwa is generally labelled a case in study of the art- while late first lady Stella Obasanjo threw the nation into great mourning when she gave up the ghost in the course of surgery meant to reduce her tummy in far away Germany as part of preparation to celebrate her birthday when her husband was still in office..

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