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Friday, February 28, 2014

PDP Chair To Apologise To Gov Amaechi, Rivers State Govt Over Kidnapping Charge Or Face Legal Action

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State this evening reacted with outrage to the allegation by

Heritage  Bank Pledges to Promote Financial Literacy Among Nigerian Kids

Ahead of the celebration of this year’s Global Money Week, Heritage Bank has reiterated its commitment to boosting financial literacy, especially among children in the county .

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Friends Of Tunde Oke, Late Eco Bank Staffer That Died In Police Custody Over Bank's Missing Money Drags Case To Gov Fashola, Threaten Legal Suit!

Friends of  Babatunde Oke, the late Eco bank staffer and father of 7months old baby that died in police custody under mysterious circumstances in the course pressure to refund allegedly stolen bank money have added a twist to his case.

E.F.C.C Arraigned Another Union Bank Staffer For Fraudulently Transferring N150m Into Diamond & Zenith Bank Accounts!

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 arraigned Akindoyin S. Kehinde a former employee of Union Bank Plc before Justice Mohammad Ishaq Sani of the Federal High Court, Akure, Ondo State.

Ex Beauty Queen, Omowunmi Akinnifesi Edges Out Actress Genevieve Nnaji To Become Presidential Aide, Oronto Douglas' Main Heartthrob.

According to information making the rounds, ex beauty queen, Omowunmi Akinnifesi has got a 'serious heart tender'.

And the care giver is identified as presidential aide, Oronto  Douglas.

This disclosure comes even as the connected member of President Jonathan's team is said to have an on and off affair going with high earner actress, Genevieve Nnaji.

Informants however insist the 'thing' with Akinnifesi appears more serious and stabile based on appearance of consistency of affection.

Insiders further divulged that though the romance between the duo ( Oronto  and Akinnifesi) kicked off about 2yrs ago, it got serious barely a year back.

And the connected corridors of power stakeholder is labelled 'sparing no coat to show care'.

Sources however confirmed this is not by any chance a major determinant of something concrete coming of the romantic liaison.

Oronto is a known spender, particular as it pertains to matters of 'passion'.

Akinnifesi before becoming involved with Douglas has had romantic linkages to known wealths.

Her alleged past dalliances involved Chairman of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, Babatunde Fowler; former Lagos State Commissioner for Environment, Dr Muiz Banire; the owner of the Thisday Newspaper, Nduka Obiagbena and the boss of Skymit Motors, Tayo Ayeni

Model, Bambi Beaten Unconscious, Thrown Out Of Moving Vehicle By Boyfriend Of 8months.

A model identified as Bambi just made shocking disclosures with pictures to back up her claims.

She narrated that a boyfriend of 8months beat her unconscious and threw her off as moving vehicle over allegations of unfounded allegation of unfaithfulness. Read her narration.

'This might be a little graphic but I just want to let everyone know that I am okay. I am a survivor of domestic violence with a boy I dated for 8 months.

I really thought everything was fine but he constantly questioned me about cheating and flirting. Non sense. I never looked at someone the way he looked at me. Thought I loved this boy. How can someone that 'loves' me do this to me?

The scars on my chest are way worse and extend down to my right Tip, completely scarred. The skin on my shoulder has been completely skinned. And i have bruising on my rib cage, neck, and my muscles. I was kicked out of a moving vechile, then beaten and dragged, as I blacked out and was left lying there in my own puddle of blood.

Doctors said I could have died if not made it when I did. I am so blessed and beyond lucky to be alive and have so much support from friends, family, and strangers. As I try to recover I ask to please keep me in your prayers. I have to wear a neck brace for 3-4 weeks, an arm cast and I can barely walk for now.

Thank you for all the love. I hope to be an inspiration to women and anyone involved in domestic violence." she said.'

Sexscapes & Intrigues Decorating The Life Of Controversial Money Man, Ibro

Online new spotter, theelitesnigeria captures the amazing intrigues and sexcapades that decorate the world of money man tagged Into.

Ibro Makanaki, the popular billionaire and self-styled turn-around expert, has an unofficial middle name. It is Controversy. His personality thrives on controversy and he has stamped his signature in Nigerian business sector as Mr. Controversy personified. As he adds another year today, Ibro Makanaki will throw a feast to mark the event. But only a few will know that the motive behind the merriment goes beyond the ordinary. It is reported to be a sacrificial feast for personal fortune. This special feast is held twice a year-on his birthday and the end of the year party he holds for his staff.

 A maverick businessman, Ibro Makanaki has interest in various business enterprises, most of which are moribund. It is also a well-known fact that, every Monday morning, he subjects his staff to a four-hour session of Praise and Worship and management lectures, where he is the sole bishop and lecturer. Each time he wants to punish a subsidiary or targets a female prey, Ibro

Makanaki summons an all-night retreat at his VGC hotel, repeating worn-out case studies. Sources, within the conglomerate disclosed to The ELITES that Ibro Makanaki fiercely disapproves of any of his single employee bedmates from getting married and would always work towards married ones breaking-up with their husbands. Loyalty to him is, married women warming his bed, resuming early and closing late and being available at the shortest of notice for spurious meetings and unscheduled trips. The idea is to have the women at his whims and spend more time, attending to him than their families.

Unknown to many, the women around Ibro Makanaki are the most susceptible (both married and unmarried). The unwritten rule in his conglomerate is the close intimacy between him, the GMD and the women, particularly, at the point of being recruited or before promotion is earned. The controversial billionaire, who is reported to be notorious for unsafe sex, does not engage in it for mere carnal pleasure but for diabolical reasons. Evidence abounds about the fate that had befallen the many women, who have crossed his path in his conglomerate. Three things are usually the consequences of their unholy alliance with him- break-up of marriage, poverty and general difficulty and sometimes, death.

 More than ever before, this time, there are many women who have suddenly assumed positions of power, either as CEO, GM, ED in Ibro Makanaki’s various establishments, both in and outside Nigeria. Noticeably, many of them are Third Class brains and under-qualified, but reportedly hold distinctions in servicing Ibro Makanaki’s libidinous needs.  


 The first in this list of CEO Mistresses is Bridget. She is the CEO of the globally unseen oil and gas company in the group. Bridget was a notable player in the banking industry before the Recession Tsunami offloaded her. Somehow, she found herself in Ibro Makanaki’s conglomerate. Her first assignment was at Air Nigeria, and she later became the CEO of GFOG in curious circumstances. Coded and expertly slippery, Bridget does most of her romping with Ibro Makanaki’s whenever on official trips outside Nigeria. It is imperative to add that Bridget serves as MD in a company of merely 20 people and which has handed its filling stations to dealers. However, Bridget is said to be Ibro Makanaki’s link in the banks. She uses her connections in the banks to either doctor books or ‘take’ documents. Bridget recently got a brand new Prado SUV as an official car for her reward.

 Next is Kafila, who became the Managing Director of the NM last January. She does not possess any relevant experience in the business turf she is charged to run. Kaffy is an old flake of the maverick billionaire, and she has now joined the legion, that services his ‘needs’. This lady is reputed to be dynamite when it comes to ‘satisfying’ her male friends. Some of them, notably, Baba Aremu, Raymond D, Gbenguz D, Iyi Omi, Boy George and some other prominent politicians, are reported to hold fond memories of their alliances with her. Already, Kaffy is about to take delivery of her official car. Ironically, other Managing Directors who are male and who are older in the system are yet to be given official cars.

 Then comes Bimbo, the Acting CEO of the not-in-any-way luxurious hotel in Abuja. Bimbo, in a spectacular display of unprofessionalism, was made the CEO of the hotel, without any knowledge of hospitality business or management skill. For an otherwise 5-star hotel that was once struggling under a thoroughbred professional Olagbemi, the hotel is now in shambles. Meanwhile, Bimbo is a long-standing play toy to the GMD. So powerful has she become that her husband works in the Ibro Makanaki’s insurance company. Her younger sister, a neophyte lawyer, is also the Group Company Secretary in GF.
 Also featuring on this list is Queeneth, the CEO of the energetic investment company in the country of gold. She is Ibro Makanaki’s conduit pipe in that West African country. Queeneth is single but not searching. This is her second missionary journey with Ibro Makanaki, having walked out on him a few years ago when she was GM, Treasury at NI in Nigeria. However, she became vulnerable and desperate for a job after Ohakim, whom she worked for as an SA was removed as Governor. Like Bridget in GF, Queeneth has had a tumultuous run in the banking sector. But she has always relied on the power of anatomy to get by.

 Ophelia also dominates the list of women in this group. She is the ED of the bank that brims with so much energy, also in the country of gold. The Nigerian staff in the company calls her Ofili Ganga, more for her closeness to Ibro Makanaki, than for her mammary endowment. Ofili is the most powerful of Ibro Makanaki’s women, and probably one of the most brilliant and truly qualified in the conglomerate. But like others before her, she has fallen for his proverbial forbidden fruit without realising that all that glitters in Ibro Makanaki’s world is not gold. Although Ofili is married, her husband lives in the United States. She is said to be desperately in love with the GMD, with the sole aim of ousting the current MD, so that she can take over.

Seun, an ex-banker, is the GM of the group’s hotel and hospitality company in Lagos. She prides herself in having edged out the other contenders with her, to the throne (Ibro Makanaki’s bed).  Seun signs his cheques and handles most of his transactions. And she is usually, openly at war with other female members in the system. Her massive pimples notwithstanding, her assets are her voluptuous hips and easy disposition to tears.

 Ibilola, a British trained lawyer came in as General Counsel to the news-watching arm of Ibro Makanaki’s conglomerate. At the moment, Ibilola is without any portfolio. She had the misfortune of falling head over heels in love with the maverick billionaire, only to realize that she has been used, dumped and probably wasted.

Until her sack mid last year, Abosede was the COO of GFI. She was one of Ibro Makanaki's longest serving staff and earliest bedmates. Abosede was fired for slapping her House Maid, Tope, whom she converted to Secretary. However, insider know the real reason for her sack. It was gathered that Ibro Makanaki was having carnal knowledge of the young House Maid. Abosede, whose previous mariage crashed on account of her devotion to her boss, also found solace in a Graphic Artiste in DN. Ibro Makanaki was said to have remarked that if Abosede could be romping with his male staff and putting their photo on Facebook, he too was free to romp her House Maid/Secretary. 

There are a few exceptions, mainly on account of their advanced age and the manner in which they joined the system and how they have been carrying themselves. First in this group is Lady Isioma. She is the MD/CEO of NR-I, and was inherited with the company. Lady Isioma is 62, and she has conducted herself respectably. And so is Mrs. Adegoke, the MD/CEO of NI in Sao Tome. She was also inherited with NI in Nigeria, and was recently transferred to NI, Sao Tome. Adegoke also conducts herself decently, even though the NI she left behind in Nigeria, is a shadow of its old self. It owes salaries, has lost all major accounts and is now a ghost town.

Nearly all the ladies in Part One, and several others, who willingly or unwittingly engage in this back-for-ground, promotion-for-hand business in Ibro Makanaki’s business conglomerate, seem to have forgotten that several powerful women have towed that line, previously. But ultimately, they met their waterloo. The case of Ngozi is a classical example of this fact. She is the former President of ICAN. Seven years ago, Ibro Makanaki lured Ngozi to be GMD of the NG. She later realised that nothing good comes out of the man from the riverine town in Ondo State. Ngo Baby left with regrets and irreparable damage to her career.

Another case is that of Yetunde, and hers proved to be the most critical. Yetunde was the most powerful person in Ibro Makanaki’s conglomerate. She is a School Certificate holder and was his Secretary, but dramatically rose to become the GM/COO of GFO&G after spending a dozen years with the GMD. During her reign, Yetunde had three official cars, got her husband to work in Ibro Makanaki’s conglomerate and a house in Ajah. She has a son, whose paternity is in contention between Ibro Makanaki and her husband.

Unfortunately, Yetunde was finally booted out unceremoniously on spurious allegations of disloyalty and impropriety, as regards Ibro Makanaki’s meal.    
Lastly is Bukola. She was Yetunde’s nemesis but in less than a year, she also met her own waterloo. Bukola simply disappeared, without any trace, and was strangely promoted as Assistant GM in absentia. So much so that Ibro Makanaki forbade anybody from speaking about the lady, who once held his heart captive. However, before her disappearance, Bukola had made headline on the Internet, for receiving a dirty slap and verbal invectives from Modupe, the wife of Ibro Makanaki. She was reported to have disgraced Bukola openly for having such a stranglehold on her husband.

Modupe, the wife of Ibro Makanaki, cuts the picture of a docile and lovely lady. But she is a calculating woman, who waits for the right time to strike.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Skye Bank Sends Corrupt Staff To 115yrs Imprisonment For Stealing Customers N8.9m.

Financial Institution, Skye bank has increased measures to tighten internal security- and discourage any form of financial malpractice.

'I feel proud that by association, I am part of the work you are doing' Obasanjo To Amaechi On Development In Rivers State.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has expressed great delight at the development Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi has brought to bear in the state.

Obasanjo declared his

E.F.C.C Arraign Local Council Accountant For Stealing From The Dead!

A local government book keeper has been charged to court for stealing from dead staffers.

In-Laws At War With Footballer, Joseph Yobo Over Refusal To Perform Marital Traditiona Rites Of Wife, Adaeze

Footballer Joseph Yobo is engaged in raging battle. Family members of his wife, Adaeze are piling pressure he comes to her village to perform necessary traditional marital rites. And he appears not interested.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rivers Assemble Gives Gov Amaechi Approval To Withdraw N30b From State Reserve To Execute Govt Functions.

The Rivers state house assemble has given Governor Rotime Amaechi approval to withdraw N30b from from the state's reserve fund to meet government responsibilities.

Here are full details as reported by The Punch

'Rivers State House of Assembly has passed a bill mandating the state government to withdraw N30bn from the N53bn in the government’s reserve fund.

Rivers State Government has the tradition of saving N1bn every month in reserve to meet emergency needs.

The Speaker of the House, Mr. Otelemaba Dan-Amachree, said the mandate given to the executive arm of government to withdraw the fund was to enable the state governor to address the challenges facing the government.

He explained that the ceding of the state’s oil well to Bayelsa and Abia states was responsible for the paucity of funds in the state.

“You recall that the Federal Government has ceded our oil wells in Soku to Bayelsa State. It has ceded our oil wells to Abia and we have been losing close to N7bn or more every month for the past one year now,” he said.

'Dan-Amachree, who was represented by the Deputy Speaker, Mr. Leyii Kwanee, recalled that government needed to pay the  salaries of 13,000 teachers  employed some months ago.

Explaining that contractors had already left their construction sites because of the non-payment of their dues, the Speaker said part of the funds to be withdrawn would be used to address the matter.

The Speaker said, “The Rivers State Reserve Fund Law (Amendment) Bill of 2014 has just been passed, mandating the executive arm of government to access N30bn from the reserve fund. It is only effective only if this amendment has been assented to.

“Of course, we are not going to pass this resolution on to them until the bill has been assented to and made to become law. So, I want this clarification for record purpose so that we will not be misquoted.

“You can see that over 13,000 teachers have not been paid for quite some time. You can see that virtually all the contractors seem to have pulled out of the sites. The governor intends to inject some of these funds into all of these sites that the contractors have pulled out from.”

Dan-Amachree pointed out that the governor was expected to sign the bill into law, adding that the House would resume sitting in the next two weeks.

'Leader of the House and Chairman, Ad hoc Committee on the State Reserve Fund Law (Amendment) Bill of 2014, Mr. Chidi Lloyd, had earlier proposed that some sections of the law prohibiting the House from investigating how the fund was managed be repealed'

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gemi Saraki Dumps APC, Returns To PDP

All Progressives Congress, the political party making great waves as main opposition to the ruling, People's Democratic Party just lost a strategic member.
Senator Gbemi Saraki, a possible gubernatorial candidate in the upcoming general elections has moved out of the party fold.

CBN Gov, Sanusi Lamido Revealed: Jide Omokore's Seven Energy & Atlantic Energy Used To Divert $6n Petroleum Product!

Oil mogul, Jide Omokore is in the news again.
The Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido has revealed his claims to fame are bring used to divert petroleum products, resulting in billions of naira loss for the country.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Imo Deputy Gov, Eze Madumere Accused Of Engineering Land Theft, Uses Elder Brother, Chijioke As Front.

Imo Deputy Gov, Eze Madumere and his elder brother, Chigozie have become joint headliners.

They are accused striving to illegally take over the property of another person without providing any proof of ownership- while the victim provided documents to back up ownership.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Police Nabs Former Lagos Deputy Gov, Sinatu Ojikutu For N130m Fraud.

Former Deputy Gov of Lagos state, Alhaja Sinat Ojikutu has been nabbed by the police.

Skye Bank, Cope Foundation Partner To Combat Cancer.

Financial Institution, Skye Bank is in a fresh partnership.

The reputable establishment is working hand in hand with foundation, Cope to combat dreaded disease, Cancer.

Singer, J Martins Wife Delivers Baby Boy

Nnezi Diana Mbila, the wife of popular musician, J Martins, just delivered a baby boy.

And the baby has been blessed with the name Jason.

Jason was birthed at Gwinnett Medical Centre, Atlanta Georgia at about 10:37pm (American time) on Tuesday.

 According to the Singer ' new born and mother are in wonderful shape'

House Of Reps Member Saheed Fijabi Impregnates Account Officer, As Mistress Refuses To Abort 4months Pregnancy.

Federal lawmaker from Oyo state, Saheed Fijabi is in the news.

Reps Member, Biodun Faleke Set To Take Late Friend's 23yr Old Daughter, Kudirat As 4th Wife.

House of Representatives member, Biodun Faleke is set to take a new wife.

And the intended latest addition to his 'matrimonial empire' is identified as 23yr old Kudirat Thompson, the daughter of his late.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Delta Gov Emmanuel Uduaghan Expresses Outrage Over Obadina's Murder, Labels It 'Most Cruel'

'Delta State Governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan has expressed outrage at the brutal killing of Mr Toyin Obadina, who until his death was the Assistant Editor of Newswatch newspaper.

FCMB Pleads Out Of Court Settlement To Repay N30m Stolen From Police Boss' Account.

The management of financial institution, FCMB has initiated an out of court moves to repay N30m stolen from an account a Deputy Inspector General of Police maintain with the bank.

How Unsecured Loan To U.K Firm, ADWA Cost Diamond Bank N6bn!

Financial institution, Diamond Bank just took a huge financial hit.

Rivers Crisis : Commissioner Of Police Mbu Removed From Post.

According to information filtering in, Mr Joseph Mbu, the Rivers state commissioner of police has been ordered yo vacate office.

Govs Fashola, Amosun Create Rumpus In APC With Demand For Oshiomole As Vice Presidential Candidate.

There is a growing division in political party, All Progressives Congress.

Insiders attribute this development to demand that Governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomole be made a Vice Presidential candidate by a 'caucus' within the party.

Actor Emeka Ike's Most Visible Bizness & Celebrated School, St Nicholas College Sealed Up On Court Order.

The most visible business of popular actor, Emeka Ike is shut down

Late Lam Adeshina Son & Oyo State Commissioner, Dapo Weds Sweet Heart Of 7yrs Tosin Friday Feb 21 In Lagos.

Commissioner in Oyo state and son of late ex governor, Lam Adeshina - Dapo is set to wed.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Footballer, Emmanuel Emenike, Cosmas Maduka's Coscharis In Face Off Over Faulty N18M Acquisition, BMW X6

Footballer, Emmanuel Emenike is not happy with his car dealer- Coscharis Motors with Mr Cosmas Maduka as Chairman.

N.T.A Staffer, Pregnant Wife, Daughter Die, Monarch Others Severely Injure In Ondo Deputy Governor, Olanusi Convoy's Fatal Accident.

A fatal accident involving the convoy of the Deputy Governor of Ondo state has left a staffer of Nigeria Television Authority and chairman of a Nigeria Union of Journalist, his pregnant wife and daughter dead.

Court Orders Union Bank To Release Withheld N320m Failed 'Wonder Bank' Depositors Fund.

A Jos High Court has ordered the management of Union Bank to release withheld N320m belonging to depositors of a failed 'wonder bank'.
Here is a more detailed version of the development