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Friday, June 27, 2014

Ogun State Commissioner Segun Odubela In Fresh Controversy Over Daughters Alleged Excessive Flamboyant Lifestyles Abroad!

Comissioner for Education in Ogun state, Mr Segun Odubela is in a fresh controversy.

And cause of his most recent buffeting by public opinion is attributed to alleged excessive flamboyant lifestyle of his daughters - supposed to be studying abroad.

Senate Prosecutes Asiwaju Tinubu's Wife, Remi!

Remi, the wife of political leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is on trial.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Social Media Agog As Bode George's Wife, Roli Becomes NDLEA Director General!

The social media is agog with borderline reactions. And the immediate cause of this latest frenzy is the latest appointment by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The nation's number one man has appointed Roli, the beautiful wife of clawing back to relevance party man, Chief Bode George as the boss of

Arisekola Alao's Remains Arrives Ibadan, For Burial Today.

The remains of islamic leader and ibadan, Oyo state billionaire- Aare Arisekola Alao should be in the country by now.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Prophet T.B Joshua's Ex Pastor, Assistants Get More Members As Operators Of 'New Synagogue'

Former assistants of prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, the amous face behind internationally recognised place of worship, Synagogue Church Of All Nations are on the way to immense popularity of their own.

And they are achieving this fate by riding on past association with celebrated prophet.

Here are details of the unfolding drama as reported by

'Information pieced together revealed, new place of worship informally referred to as 'New Synagogue'- Christ Holy Mountain is gaining more by the day.

Sources confirmed the place of worship also known as 'House of Prayer' has become more popular and attracted increased members in and out of it's locality.

The ministry is the brain child of a former a pastor and workers under the wings of revered preacher and spiritual healer, Prophet Temiope Balogun Joshua of the internationally acclaimed Synagogue Church

Of All Nations.

Based on the similarities of worship etiquettes and styles and known association with the famed T.B Joshua, the new ministry located at Ajata street, Lagos a walking distance from the popular Synagogue is informally labelled 'the new Synagogue'.

'According to information, increased acceptance being enjoyed by the new ministry is boosted by the alternative it serves to many who throng from far and near to see Pastor T.B Joshua but experience delay in one form or the other.

Maintain a source 'the miracles, deliverance and healing worships are the instead of waiting the long line to see the high in demand prophet T.B Joshua, they choose to go to the new Synagogue for quick attention'

And judging from growing acceptance, it appears the efficacy of the prayers are being felt based on increased attendance at the new church. Those who have attended are described as spreading stories that attract others.

Though it is confirmed that Prophet T.B Joshua is informed of this development and disassociated himself from it and further warned members and followers from attending, this has not taken away from the growing popularity of the new church.

An observer analysed the situation ' people will go to anywhere they believe they will get salvation, especially quick solution irrespective of whoever is telling them not is about conviction and believe, those are what make others throng Prophet Joshua's church from far and near as well'

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flamboyant Spender & Oil Baron, Kola Aluko Flees To Switzerland To Evade Arrest For Defrauding Petrol Minister, Allison Madueke In Multi-$billions Deal Gone Bad!

Oil baron, Kola Aluko is embroiled in a huge mess.

The flamboyant spender has fled out of town and places regularly associated with him to evade arrest.

He is said to have fallen out with major backer and puller of the strings of his wealth, petroleum minister Allison madueke over billions of dollars deal gone sour. And international polive , Interpol is being drafted into the fray to secure his arrest and bring him to book.

Here is how whistle blower platform thecable details the development

'Young oil magnate, Kola Aluko, will soon be on the wanted list of International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) following his failure to return to Nigeria to answer questions on his business deals, TheCable has been informed.‬

‪Aluko, who is known for his love for yachts, private jets, fast cars and lavish parties ─ and has been seen hand-in-hand with supermodel Naomi Campbell (pictured) ─ has fled the country and is currently holed up in Switzerland, where he has citizenship.‬

‪The founder of Fossil Resources, a downstream company, and co-director of Atlantic Energy Drilling Concepts Limited, an upstream company, has been making tabloid headlines for his astonishing wealth and was recently listed on Forbes 40 richest Africans.‬

‪However, he has had a dramatic falling out with the minister of petroleum resources, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke, and his assets in Nigeria are now a target for confiscation.‬

‪TheCable was told that the federal government has decided to enlist Interpol to arrest and bring him back to Nigeria “to vomit what he has swallowed”.‬

‪Industry sources informed TheCable that Aluko, who has been named in many controversial deals in the oil sector, might have played “a fast one” on Alison-Madueke.‬

‪“It is mainly an issue of breach of trust, breach of a gentleman’s agreement,” a source ─ who is in the know of the deals ─ said.‬

‪It was initially understood that the oil deals he was getting ─ including mining licences and crude oil trading ─ were meant to finance political campaigns.‬

‪Bureaux de change‬

‪Over a stretch of time, hundreds of millions of dollars were moved out of the country through banks and bureaux de change by some Nigerian-owned oil companies, Aluko’s inclusive.‬

‪Two banks were used to launder the funds out of the country, and, curiously, one of the suspected CEOs has now been given a major political appointment in the financial sector.‬

‪Trouble started for Aluko when he bought a £150 million yacht last year and it became a global media sensation.‬

‪This particular development raised eyebrows in the corridors of power.‬

‪“The long and short of it is that Aluko can no longer account for all the money that he shipped out. That was the beginning of his problems,” another source, a senior official at the ministry of petroleum, said.‬

‪Alison-Madueke was “shocked and destabilised at the betrayal” and swiftly moved against the 44-year-old’s businesses.‬

‪“Kola ran out of the country when they started demanding the cash. He claimed he had already remitted billions and there was nothing to be remitted again. This is one of the biggest scandals in Nigeria since 2010,” the official said.‬


‪Aluko owns luxury property in very expensive and exclusive neighbourhoods across New York, Beverly Hills, London, Las Vegas, Dubai, Paris, Monaco and Miami.‬

‪He also owns the Galactica Star Yacht, which he acquired in June 2013. Galactica Star is a one-of-its-kind custom-built Super Yacht. The 65-metre-long play boat is the newest and largest Heesen yacht ever built.‬

'‪All these luxury expenses are believed to have created a big hole for him, although he insisted to friends that he had taken “enough” care of the interest of his principals.‬

‪Aluko was a beneficiary of controversial oil deals in 2010. His company, Septa Energy, a subsidiary of Seven Energy, got oil mining licences for some blocks formerly operated by Shell.‬


‪Under the relevant laws, the ownership of the blocks was to revert to the federal government through the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) but the NNPC subsidiary claimed it did not have the funds to operate them.‬

‪Subsequently, the operatorships of the seven blocks were handed over to a consortium of local companies without any competitive bidding, and the companies were in turn given crude allocation as “equity payment” by NPDC under the Strategic Alliance Agreement (SAA).‬

‪However, industry experts and anti-corruption campaigners questioned the wisdom of the deal, especially as it was later discovered that these companies leveraged on the same oil blocks to raise the needed finance.‬

‪NPDC could have adopted the same financing option without having to involve the companies and having to pay them with crude oil for its own share of the cost, they argued.‬

‪To worsen matters, it was calculated that the nation lost $750 million in the deal, as the companies were allowed to pay only $50 million to the federation account instead of the real value of $800 million.‬

‪TheCable could not reach either Alison-Madueke or Aluko. While calls to Aluko’s mobile phone did not go through, the minister did not reply messages sent to her phone'

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ex Gov Lucky Igbinedion's Financial Empire Crumbles Over Loss Of N3.3b To Conmen!

Ex Governor Lucky Igbinedion is in a heap of financial mess. And this development is attributed to the for Edo state's number one falling prey of con men.

Here is a reproduction of the trending report.

'Although money laundering cases against him show that Lucky Igbinedion may have stolen several millions of dollar from the treasury of Edo State during the eight years he was governors, details from a court case he instituted against Venezuelan state owned oil company, Petroleos De Venezuela S.A (PDVSA) and alleged conman, Fransisco Gonzalez, suggest that the scam may have caused serious damage to his finances.

In 2007 the ex-governor lost over N3 billion to Venezuelan fraudsters in a botched fuel import deal. He has since instituted a $600 million suit against PDVSA and Mr. Gonzalez in a U.S. District Court in New York.
Court documents seen by PREMIUM TIMES revealed that two Manhattan-based law firms previously contracted by Igbinedion’s company, Skanga Energy and Marine limited, have withdrawn from the case over non-payment of their retainer.

One of them, a personal injury law firm, Robert Dunne LLC, quit because of the inability of Mr. Igbinedion’s Skanga to pay fee as low as $3,800.00 (N627,000).
“Plaintiff has failed and refused to pay Dunne Firm fees reasonably earned for legal services rendered, although demand for such payment has been made several times,” an affidavit informing the court of its decision to withdraw for the case read.

The other law firm, Robinson Brog Leinwand Greene Genovese & Gluck P.C, also complained that efforts to establish direct communication with Skanga had been difficult as the company preferred to be reached through a Mississippi-based Nigerian owned “two lawyer” (husband and wife) law firm, Salu & Salu.
 David Burger, a lawyer with the law firm of Robinson Brog, swore, amongst other reasons, in an affidavit that the ability of his law firm to represent Skanga is “being severely impeded” by “the continued inability of the my firm to have any adequate direct communication with Skanga, with delayed and inadequate communications only relayed through a two lawyer firm Located in Mississippi.”

'According to David Burger, Skanga owes his law firm a total of $114,000 (N18,810,000) in unpaid fee.

Olufemi Salu, of Salu & Salu, also admitted to the court that the scam has rendered Mr. Igbinedion and his businesses insolvent. In fact, on 23 August 2013, it filed a motion asking the court to compel PDVSA to pay for the travel expenses and lodging of its estranged attorney, Mr Dunne, for the deposition of its own officials in Lagos.

“The action of PDVSA, subject matter of this lawsuit, crippled the business of Plaintiff. Plaintiff currently struggles to pay its attorneys. Court should take judicial notice that Plaintiff’s previous attorneys withdrew their representation over dispute regarding attorneys’ fees. Consequently, Plaintiff is unable to afford deposition scheduled in Nigeria,” he argued.

Now Igbinedion is stuck with Mr. Salu, a lawyer based in Mississippi-Tennessee. Though he claimed to have represented major international corporations like “Texaco, Mobil Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank, ship owners, and foreign governments”, his areas of expertise are personal injury, car accidents and fatal car accidents.

Pitching Mr. Salu against lawyers from upscale law firm like Foley Hoag LLP looks like a rigged contest. Foley Hoag is based in Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in Washington DC and Paris. Ranked number six in the “20 Best Law Firms To Work For In The Nation”, by U.S. company rating organization, Vault, Foley Hoag was involved in Boston’s early civil rights struggle and won the 1970 lawsuit that brought desegregation to Boston public schools. In 2008, the firm successfully represented the government of Bolivia in the dispute over the nationalisation of telecom company, Entel.

This mismatch was apparent as Mr. Salu was literally taken to school by Lawrence Martin, a top partner from Foley Hoag’s Washington office. Mr Salu did not help his case as he made contradictory statements and his transcript appeared to have been written in a hurry.

In one utterly ridiculous instance, Mr. Salu, despite being presented with Skanga’s Statement of Annual Returns 2006-2008 certified as true by the Corporate Affairs Commission and the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, argued that Skanga directors weren’t aware that such filling has been made.
Clearly stated in the documents were the shareholders of Skanga and the number of shares they owned, yet Mr. Salu said, “Skanga’s Directors were not aware of these filings.”

Further, in a desperate attempt to discredit the defendant, Mr. Salu unwittingly revealed that Skanga might have been consistently submitting false statements of return to the CAC. He argued that the court should disregard Skanga’s CAC certified Statement of Returns presented by the defendant on the ground that the accounting firm employed by Skanga to audit its account, Dynamic Premier, has no listed address and “is not related to any professional entity as it is customary in Nigeria and the rest of the world.”
Mr. Salu did not reply written questions PREMIUM TIMES sent to him via email about his involvement in the case. He also did not return calls made to his office phone number.
'String of misfortunes
The Venezuelan affair is one in the series of financial losses the mustachios ex-governor has suffered since he left office. A business stint gone awry in South Africa saw him losing millions of dollars. According to news reports, After the death of his South African partner in a joint venture, Mr. Igbinedion tried but failed to reclaim his investment in the business, which he did through his late partner to avoid South African regulators on the lookout for investors with dirty money.

Mr. Igbinedion then moved his business base to Sierra Leone where Skanga became one of the leading fishing companies in the country. It is alleged that Mr. Igbinedion also owns some of the most expensive real estates in the country. However, Sierra Leonean media reports suggest that Skanga may also be going through a difficult phase in the West African country. There was a report about violent protests against the company by dissatisfied youth.
The loss of over N3 billion to the fraudster in the oil import deal also appears to have sounded the death knell of Skanga operations in Nigeria. When PREMIUM TIMES visited Skanga’s official address in upscale Victoria Island, the premises had been overtaken by weeds and looked desolate. In fact, the Lagos State government has sealed the property for defaulting on land use tax and has placed a notice for an order to sell the property.
Intrigues and lies

True to the observation of Skanga’s first law firm, Robinson Brog, the company has approached the lawsuit in manner that left more to be desired. The firm has done everything to shield important persons involved in the case from testifying. In utter disregard of facts contained in officially verified documents, it has lied about the ownership of the company, and under curious circumstances, has alleged losing certain vital documents requested by defense counsels.

It seems Skanga’s approach to pursuing the lawsuit is to tell lies and which it further attempts to cover up by more lies.
During his deposition, which was conducted via Skype, Mr Igbinedion said he could not remember when Skanga was established. He also denied ever holding any shares in Skanga. But certified copies of Skanga’s Statement of Annual Returns show that Mr. Igbinedion was the principal shareholder of Skanga with 12 million shares.

Mr. Igbinedion also lied about his money laundering conviction. He said he was convicted for what he termed “political negligence.” He also lied that the Federal government seized none of his properties.
Mr. Salu further described Mr Igbinedion’s money laundering trial and conviction as “a corrupt political inquisition that is fairly common in Nigerian politics.”

“After he served his two terms in office and left office, political opponents instituted kangaroo criminal proceedings against him for ‘neglect’ in listing one of his personal accounts that had been dormant for a while. His fine was less than $20,000, that is, the amount in the account at the time,” he said.
Curiously, six years after it first instituted the lawsuit, Skanga has not served Arevenca and Mr González a notice of the suit and in fact has not made any effort to serve them, according to court documents.

Skanga also refused to share the record of its correspondence with Arevenca when requested by PDVSA lawyers. Managing Director of Skanga, Christian Imoukhuede claimed his Yahoo email account was hacked and he lost access to it. He said he lost the mails in his inbox, sent, trash and all his contacts after Yahoo restored the email. However, He said the emails in his inbox was “partially restored” after he changed his browser from Mozilla Firefox to Internet Explorer.

A computer scientist, Alexander Gessen, employed by PDVSA to do a forensic analysis of Mr. Imoukhuede’s laptop said his account of how he lost the emails was not “credible.”

“Merely switching internet browser is not an industry recognized method of recovering deleted emails. Nor does it offer plausible explanation why inbox items would be restored, but sent items would not be. I am not aware of any way in which merely switching Internet browsers would result in recovery of deleted emails,” he said.

'Just like it did with Bright Igbinedion, Skanga also did everything possible to shield another director, Adebayo Osho from appearing as witnesses.  It particularly contested the deposition of Mr. Osho who was its Nigerian lawyer and a listed shareholder of the company with 2.5 million shares. Mr. Osho is the proprietor of the law firm, Adebayo Osho and Company, Skanga’s lawyers objected to the deposition of Mr. Osho on the ground that he was the company lawyer and might break the client-lawyer confidentiality during deposition.
Efforts by PREMIUM TIMES to interview Mr. Osho were unsuccessful. A lawyer who has an office at the same address as him said he vacated his office three years ago without leaving his new contact address. All the contact phone numbers on his website were also not functional'

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

World Body, United Nations Gives Governor Amaechi International Recognition For Contributions To Capital Development!

 Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi has secured an international recognition.

World body, United Nations perfected this development in recognition of the Governor's  contribution to Human Capital Development.

He has been honoured with a Diplomatic Passport.

A fuller detail of this development is reproduced below

'Rivers‎ State Governor, Hon. Rotimi Amaechi has been honoured with the United Nations (UN) diplomatic passport for his contributions to human capital development as an ambassador of the UN. 

Amaechi, who was earlier honoured with an award by the UN for his development of the education sector, was honoured with a UN diplomatic passport to further appreciate his genuine channeling of resources ‎to the development of human race.

Amaechi had received the award of the Associated Fellowship of the UN Institute for Training & Research in Geneva, Switzerland. 

'The award which was specifically for his contributions to the Education Sector has placed Rivers as the best state in Nigeria with 21st century education facility. 

The award, in addition to diplomatic passport, entitles Amaechi to a UN certificate that confers immunity whenever on any UN Assignment.'

Monday, June 2, 2014

Inside Story Of Alleged NMulti-million Image Laundering Smear Campaign Against Gov Rotimi Amaechi Cooked With Photoshopped Cheque!

Inside details of smear campaign against Governor Rotimi Amaechi that he just contracted certain elements to dish out uncomplimentaries against perceived opposition has emerged. And the major evidence against the Rivers State Chief Executive Officer - a published N5m Cheque issued to one of agents - in the gist making the rounds has turned out a photo shopped material, making the whole affair a cook up!

Here is out Porsche classy details the plot.

'Just about 48hrs ago, a story of how some supposed online agents of the All Progressive Congress (APC) otherwise known as ‘twitter lords’ recently visited Governor Amaechi of Rivers State for a thank you dinner and subsequently pocketed the sum of N5m each has since generated series of controversies.

The event which took place on May 29, 2014, PorscheClassy Media gathered had social media activists from different regions in the country totalling 49.

Foremost Twitter activist and political blogger Japheth Omojuwa led the pack of those invited for the interactive forum with Governor Amaechi as it marked his 49th birthday and the formal launch of the #TheAmaechiIKnow hashtag.

'We also gathered exclusively that 34 out of the 49 social media members were supporters of the Governor while 15 others were from the anti-Amaechi group, some of the notable names that were present at the event from the anti-Amaechi faction includes Eze-Basil Chiwendu, Oluo D’oracle, Ross Alabo-George, Mark Olise and others.

A List of some of the acclaimed Amaechi supporters includes Kelechi Jeff Eme , Femi Adeoya, Petra Akinti Onyegbule, Preye Aganaba, Jasper Azuatalam, Japheth J Omojuwa, Soni Akoji, Theresa Ugwuanyi, Danjuma Azemobo Musa, Kelechi Deca, Oviebor Okeh Goodluck, Eba Okorodudu White, Mercy Ugo and Uche Igwe.

The event which availed the participants the opportunity to ask Governor Amaechi several questions ended with smiles and no drama or violence was recorded, however moments after all attendees had returned to their individual settlements; an online medium published a story stating that each attendee got a brown envelope that contained a signed cheque of N5million.
Soon after the story emerged online, the pictures of the acclaimed cheque was posted and PorscheClassy Media was able to get pictures of the real blank cheque which was photoshopped and eventually used to blackmail and damage the name of Governor Rotimi Amaechi, the cheques can be viewed below:

'Above is the real blank cheque which was edited into the N5m cheque below

Above is the real blank cheque which was edited into the N5m cheque below
PorscheClassy Media also got on first class information that the whole N5m honorarium story emanted from PDP Propagandists in the state, we also x-rayed the supposed N5m honorarium which was said to have been given out to the #TheAmaechiIKnow participants and below are the three concrete reasons why we think getting a N5million ‘Thanks for coming’ would have been most impossible:

(1) The supposed cheque issued to one Soni above was an open cheque. Government cheques are ALWAYS closed /crossed cheques.

(2) There was only one signatory, this is not in line with global best practice as Government cheques are not always solely signed.

'(3) In line with the CBN banking policy, the maximum withdrawal over the counter from second or third party cheque is N150,000. So this cheque will have to go through clearing.

(4) The Cheques displayed above clearly shows that the supposed cheque issued to one of the attendees by the name ‘Soni Akonji’ was purely photo-shopped giving the reasons below:

* The two cheques had the same serial number but obviously the photo-shopped cheque had other features missing such as the ‘Rs’ printed at the edge of the figure box, most importantly the signature on the fake cheque shows a poorly photo-shopped signature as the signature box suddenly white as against the faded box in the original cheque

* The real cheque with the account name ‘ Dr. Nassar Sheikh/ Mrs. Mahwash Sheikh’ has the account holder’s name written in an official font at the base of the cheque while the photo-shopped cheque had the account holder’s name “Rivers State Government’ written with a stylish font, this evidently justified another poorly edited graphic photo.'