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Friday, June 13, 2014

Prophet T.B Joshua's Ex Pastor, Assistants Get More Members As Operators Of 'New Synagogue'

Former assistants of prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, the amous face behind internationally recognised place of worship, Synagogue Church Of All Nations are on the way to immense popularity of their own.

And they are achieving this fate by riding on past association with celebrated prophet.

Here are details of the unfolding drama as reported by

'Information pieced together revealed, new place of worship informally referred to as 'New Synagogue'- Christ Holy Mountain is gaining more by the day.

Sources confirmed the place of worship also known as 'House of Prayer' has become more popular and attracted increased members in and out of it's locality.

The ministry is the brain child of a former a pastor and workers under the wings of revered preacher and spiritual healer, Prophet Temiope Balogun Joshua of the internationally acclaimed Synagogue Church

Of All Nations.

Based on the similarities of worship etiquettes and styles and known association with the famed T.B Joshua, the new ministry located at Ajata street, Lagos a walking distance from the popular Synagogue is informally labelled 'the new Synagogue'.

'According to information, increased acceptance being enjoyed by the new ministry is boosted by the alternative it serves to many who throng from far and near to see Pastor T.B Joshua but experience delay in one form or the other.

Maintain a source 'the miracles, deliverance and healing worships are the instead of waiting the long line to see the high in demand prophet T.B Joshua, they choose to go to the new Synagogue for quick attention'

And judging from growing acceptance, it appears the efficacy of the prayers are being felt based on increased attendance at the new church. Those who have attended are described as spreading stories that attract others.

Though it is confirmed that Prophet T.B Joshua is informed of this development and disassociated himself from it and further warned members and followers from attending, this has not taken away from the growing popularity of the new church.

An observer analysed the situation ' people will go to anywhere they believe they will get salvation, especially quick solution irrespective of whoever is telling them not is about conviction and believe, those are what make others throng Prophet Joshua's church from far and near as well'

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