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Monday, June 30, 2014

Govt Cancels All Spog Oil's Jide Omokhore's Contract Over Partner, Kola Aluko's Alleged Breach Of Trust With Petrol Minister, Allison Madueke!

Spog Oil's front man, Jide Omokhore is in a bit of business crisis.

Sources confirmed an end has literarily been put to his access to big business.

Information has it that all the big deal oil contracts to executes to remain a front runner is now hold.

The government is said to have cancel it - for now - at the instance of Petroleum Minister, Allison Madueke.

Incidentally, the Federal Executive Council member is credited as the powerful influence behind the thriving commercial initiatives of Omokhore and his famed friend and partner, Kola Aluko.

So what went wrong?

This is how celebrity news platform, reports this development

' Oil baron and helmsman at Resource Energy Group, Mr Jide Omokore is not enjoying the best of business times.

Information filtering indicates the stager of staggering wedding for his son is currently battling to protect the source of his massive wealth.

Sources confirmed the Federal Government has all but cancelled all the major oil deals feeding his empire.

And this development is said to be carried out under the excuse of need to stop and critically examine manner of operations for a while.

Further digs revealed the antics of Omokore's partner and recent subject of reportage of expensive living, home and abroad, Kola Aluko brought this fate on their business dealings.

The man credited with ownership of arrays of exorbitant object of leisures is alleged to have breached the trust of powerful influence behind the partners numerous successful business forays, Dieziani Allison Madueke- the Petroleum Minister.

The development is described as so grave that Aluko had to scamper out of town and foreign places sympathetic to the nation's law enforcement to evade arrest.

Here is a link to's insight on the matter


Further information revealed the thoughts behind the 'cancellation' of all oil deals involving Omokore and Aluko is to determine the extent of the business misconduct against Madueke- and determine how culpable Omokore is as well.

More information reveal chances of reactivating the 'stopped deals' are slim based on reasons, Madueke would naturally do all possible to further enrich absconded business offender, Aluko by approving deals for concerns he has interest in.

Fresh information now reveal the hurriedly dispelled and hushed development, Omokhore suffered collapse in his office after 'a visit' to the presidency had roots in this affair.

Here is a link to societynowng's reportage of the occurrence


Insiders squealed he was made to realise what faced his businesses based on alleged 'fraudulent' actions traced to partner and bossom friend,Aluko at the meeting.

He reportedly found the sanctions far reaching and grave - as well as the bail out option of helping bring his long time friend to book.

Findings revealed inability to implement the business saving option of enabling arrest of Aluko as the cause of intensive investigation that has virtually stopped all of Omokore's businesses with the federal government, in a move tagged investigation to determine extent of fraud and deceit against 'the nation'.

How the major oil players credited with huge contacts here and there wriggle out of this business logjam - together or not- remain to be seen.'

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