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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The couple that recorded the name of Nigeria on the chart of infamy in London, the Bello Williams are back in the country- and are drifting apart by the day!
Investigations conducted revealed that Dapo and Oriyomi of the famous scandal that hoodwinked the British social benefit system off millions of pounds- Dead Baby Certificate Scam- are back in the country thanks to a plea bargaining that resulted in forfeiture of properties. They did not spend all the years due in prison for the crime they were convicted for.
Insiders revealed that they sneaked into the country months back- and have maintained very low profile.
Their very popular place of enterprise, the hair care and weave on place, Essence is said to place play very minimal host to their presence.
The place of commerce situated in Ikeja Lagos is said to be managed by a Mr Muhammed on behalf of the couple.
The couple are said to shun all social interactions based on the notoriety that trailed the source of their wealth.
Informers further explained the chord of affection between the two appear to be peeling off by the day.
The inability to socialise and blames and counter blames on how the authorities got wind of their scam is said to be threatening their union.
Tales of domestic violence is said to have started colouring these disagreements.
According to a source ‘with their source of wealth gone, the affection appear to be on the way out as well’
Dapo and Oriyomi Bello Williams had conceived the perfect crime to rape the British Social Benefit system. Transforming the dead into the living, they had collected millions of pounds of social benefits on behalf of the dead. Oriyomi was caught while about to receive one of such payments after intensive investigations by the authorities concerned. Her husband, Dapo was arrested when he attended his wife’s court proceeding

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