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Friday, April 2, 2010


Wednesday March 24 2010- agents of Lagos state Goverment performed an astonishing feat.
The individuals acting on beahlf of the state administer by Governor Babatunde Fashola stormed the venue of the high class relaxation point and sealed off the whole building.
The reason behind this conduct was labelled refusal to offset growing debts with the Lagos State Government.
Insiders tagged the debt as tax related.
Eye witnesses explained that the agents of the Lagos State Government carried out the operation in a commando style.
They had stormed the Ikeja Lagos venue of the social activities place with armed policemen and screened off the entrance before pasting a notice that forbids any one from going in or out of the place until all issues with the state government are resolved.
It was a sorry sight to see members and their guest arrive later at the place- and forced to park by the road side in their posh cars lamenting what was tagged ‘ an unbecoming treatment’
Insiders explained efforts to see to the matter that resulted into the A-list fun place locked down resolved have reached advance stage at press time.Lagos Country club located along is a reputable members only place of fun and it parades an intimidating list of names topping the list of social register in it fold

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