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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

UI First Class Graduate, Opuofoni Ebimotimi beaten to death for stealing bread in Bayelsa

In a deeply distressing incident that has shocked the nation, Opuofoni Freeborn Ebimotimi, a first-class graduate from the University of Ibadan, was mercilessly killed by a mob in the early hours of today in Honeyhill, Tombia, Bayelsa State. The reason behind this brutal act? Allegedly, the theft of a loaf of bread.

Hailing from the Korokorosei community in Southern Ijaw Local Government area, Opuofoni Freeborn Ebimotimi had recently completed his studies in Business Administration (B.Sc) at UI. His promising academic achievements and bright future were abruptly cut short in a horrifying turn of events.

Eyewitnesses recount the tragic incident, stating that enraged youths subjected Opuofoni to a fatal beating for the alleged theft. Distraught neighbors and friends who witnessed the brutal assault rushed to the scene, pleading with the assailants to let him go and vowing to compensate for the stolen bread multiple times over.

However, their pleas fell on deaf ears, as the angry mob remained relentless, ultimately resulting in Opuofoni’s untimely demise.

Opuofoni’s younger sister, Opuofoni Freeborn Idisemi, expressed her profound grief and bewilderment over the events leading up to her brother’s death.

She emphasized the unfairness of life, particularly since the loss of their father, and mentioned their familiarity with the hardships they faced. Despite having relatives who hold influential positions in government and other spheres, their pleas for assistance had gone unanswered, exacerbating their struggles.

The tragic end of a young life filled with potential has left the community in shock and mourning. Authorities have been alerted to the incident, and investigations are underway to apprehend those responsible for this senseless act of violence.

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