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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Residents across India swelter as intense heatwave breaks records

Residents across India grappled with searing temperatures on Wednesday (May 1) as a record-breaking heatwave scorched parts of the country amid a general election.

Eastern India experienced its hottest April on record as the state of West Bengal recorded the most number of heatwave days for the month in the last 15 years, followed by the neighbouring coastal state of Odisha where heat conditions were the worst in nine years.

"Despite our efforts to keep cool by pouring water on ourselves, and on the ground, nothing is working. We can feel steam rising from the ground," said local resident Bharti Das outside her home in a Kolkata slum.

The weather office said rainfall in May is likely to be normal and that it expects more showers during the second half of the monsoon season in August and September as compared to June and July due to the La Nina climate pattern, which typically brings higher rainfall to India.

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