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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Segun Awolowo's Marriage Collapsing Over Romance With Wife, Bola's Best Friend, Lola Young!

The matrimony of Segun Jnr- the grandson of late sage and Yoruba leader, Chief Obafemi Awolowo is collapsing.

Sources attribute this development to allegations of extramarital romance with Lola Young- a very close friend and confidante of his wife, Bola.

Lola, a long time friend of Segun's wife is married to Femi Young. She owns and oversees enterprise Nail Room located in GRA, Ikeja as a means of livelihood.

Informants claimed the allegation of matrimony wrecking affair between Lola and Segun is made more damaging with talks of a sex video and romantic messages between the duo circulating over town.

Bola, wife of the former special assistant to ex president is said to have been intimated with the lucre details of her husband's illicit adventure with her friend.

She is said to be devastated in a manner threatening the marriage.

It is not clear whether Lola's hubby, Femi is suffering the same fate- but it is confirmed, the Nail Room boss has scampered out of town to minimise the scandalous backlash of her romance with her friend's hubby.

Low profile Segun Awolowo is said to have burroughed further underground- working from arm's length to salvage what he can of his toothering marriage and collapsing image


  1. While, Lola is still always away with her long term lover who dots and spoils her rotten. She is forever in his arms. Little did she see Femi slip away into the arms of his so called "partner" where he now finds love and comfort. Sharing quiet romantic moments over birthdays and holidays with her. It is no longer about work, but love for these two!!!

  2. Lagos mill is again alive with stories of Femi and Lola Young. This time it is Femi and Angela Aneke, his hot romance of years ago now rekindled. Another society woman well known for her life style just like Lola. He is cruising the scenes in chauffeur driven luxury cars sponsored by Angela and living the life of the rich and famous in top circles within her cocoon. Just when we thought Femi had learned some lessons......well the saga continues.