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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FCMB Chairman, Otunba Subomu Balogun Accuse Of Fraudulently Parading Self As Family Head!

Otunba Subomi Balogun, the Chairman of First City Monument Bank stands accused of fraudulent conduct.

The Ijebu high chief was recently reported as attaining the position of Olori Ebi (Head of Family) of Fusengbuwa Ruling House, which is one of the four major ruling houses that can lay claim to the throne of kingship position, Awujale of Ijebuland.

This puts him in line for the throne.

The former head of the ruling house, Pa Adebisi Adeyemi died a few months ago.

However a major twist has occurred in the matter.

Other powerful players within the family have risen up to disown Otunba Subomi Balogun and his assertion.

The faction released a strong worded public statement to this effect.

It is reproduced in part. 'This is an illegitimate action, which Otunba Subomi Balogun himself knows, or ought to know, from the long history of the legendary Ruling House, is bound to fail, no matter the media hype and expense or the loud,  false propaganda accompanying it!

No genuine member of our Ruling House, will accept Otunba Balogun’s self imposition, or recognise him, as Head of Fusengbuwa Ruling House of Ijebu Ode. Should a rich person be allowed to seize the control of a recognized Ruling House in Ijebu just like that, it may eventually have a serious negative impact on all other Ruling Houses, and seriously upset the Institution of Obaship throughout the land.

The new and legitimate Head of Fusengbuwa Ruling House or  OLORI EBI, by Allah’s Permission,is OTUNBA ABDUL LATEEF ADEBAYO OWOYEMI, FCA (PP), FIMC (PP), FCMA, FCIS, ABR, the Mogaji Adinni and Otunba Sikuloye of Idowa, and Otunba Ja-Diara of Ijebu, who was lawfully selected and installed by the Ruling House.  May Almighty God continue to protect, preserve, guide and bless him, and all other members of our Ruling House, wherever they may be'

Sources confirmed the move that caught Otunba Balogun and his camp flat footed has thrown them in disarray.

They are said to be working hard to contain the situation and manage the damage, the public declaration has done to his reputation.

Insiders squealed being Head of the esteemed family- along with the inherent advantages - has been Balogun's lifelong ambition.

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