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Saturday, October 23, 2021

BUA Group Protects Customers From Scammers


BUA Group, the Foods, Infrastructure, Mining and Manufacturing Conglomerate massively impacting the economies of countries – particularly Nigeria – and continents has released five ways to protect its public from fraudsters.



The group

unlocking opportunities in all its spheres of operations and making live easy in the construction world with the pricing of BUA Cement in communication headlined “Scam Alert : Beware of Fake and Fraudulent Promotions” identified the safekeeping steps as



1, Ignore any SMS or e-mail claiming BUA Group is running a promo scheme or asking for your bank details.



2, Report any perceived fraudulent message or link to



3, Disregard web pages requesting for your account details in the name of purported promo by BUA Group.


4, If in doubt of any claim, always verify or double-check by contacting us via our social media channels.



5, The only authentic link of BUA Group is (

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