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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Family mourns victims of Cameroon landslide

Charlotte Nzoupong's husband was among those killed in Cameroon's landslide over the weekend.

"How will I take care of my children," she asks.

She and others are still picking up the pieces – as the death toll climbed to 15 on Monday, with a handful injured.

Authorities say the tragedy started as a celebration of life.

A funeral procession was taking place in the capital of Yaounde on a football field – bordered by a steep earth embankment...

when part of it suddenly slid down and collapsed on the attendees.

Claude Michel Fotso was among them.

"I saw a mass of earth falling on people. I jumped from where I was sitting but fell to the ground. I got up again but fell for the second time. The second time I fell, I got stuck and I couldn't move."

Partially buried, Fotso had to be dug out by members of the community who ran to help.

But his mother, brother and best friend were all killed in the tragedy.

"My mom. She was my mom, and she died. It is not easy to express myself. It's not easy, not easy, not easy."

Authorities have not said what caused the landslide, marked as the deadliest since 2019.

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