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Monday, August 31, 2015

Mikel Obi Has A Secret Son & Daughter In The Face Of Steaming Romance With Russian Bizwoman, Olga Diyachenko

Mikel Obi has a secret son and daughter.
International media blew the lid of this development in a recent publication.

Here are the details

 According to Daily Mail UK, Chelsea footballer John Obi Mikel has a secret son and daughter by two different women living in the UK. The 28-year-old midfielder is reported to have a one year-old daughter and a four-year-old son after short relationships with the two women. The Nigeria international, who earns about £80,000 a week at Chelsea, is providing for the two children, it has been claimed.

According to the Sun on Sunday, Mikel, who lives in Oxshott, Surrey, bought a £500,000 detached property in the Home Counties for his son and the boy's mother. His daughter and the girl's 23-year-old mother are said to live in the South of England - but the two women reportedly do not know about each other. The Sun on Sunday quotes a source as saying Mikel met his son's mother at a party in London.

After she gave birth, the source said, Mikel 'agreed to give her tens of thousands a year in upkeep' and 'agreed to give her a new car every three to five years.' 'He said he wanted to play a role in the boy’s life. He and the mum are on friendly terms and she doesn’t harbour any bad feelings towards him, perhaps because he’s looked after her so well.'

Mikel, who has made 64 appearances for his country, is said to have met his daughter's mother at a nightclub in 2013. She reportedly gave birth last year.
The newspaper quotes a friend of the girl's mother as saying that Mikel has  'provided' for the woman and their child. The friend said: 'She is not from a well-off family and does not now earn much, but she drives around in a new car. She seems to have come into money since having the baby and is keeping a low profile.'

Mikel is currently in a relationship with the Russian businesswoman Olga Diyachenko. In an interview in Nigeria in 2014, he said: 'I've been dating seriously for two years now. I'm in love. I've found love.' A spokesman for the footballer is quoted by the Sun on Sunday as saying: 'This is an entirely private matter. John provides for and cares for his children and will continue to do so. He asks that their privacy be respected.'

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