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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Meet Dreyy Flexx, Nigeria's Top Afrofusion Artist

Born Ayodeji Tomomewo is an up-and-coming afro-fusion artist who goes with the performing name Dreyy Flexx. The Lagos-born singer who is now based in Ontario, Canada has been actively pursuing his music career with a number of music releases and song performances.

In the two years of facing music headlong, he has released two Extended Plays (EP) and four singles to garner a growing fanbase and rack up a million streams across multiple digital and streaming services.

The Guardian Life caught up with the “This Money” singer for a chat and he taks about how his songs are based on true life experiences and why he must tell them to the world.

How did the journey into music start for you?

My journey as a musician started when I was 15. I had just finished high school and I didn’t want to be idle at home, so I enrolled in a popular music school, the “Pefti Film Institute,” where I was taught music production and music scripting under Kennis Music. From there, I was able to pick up one or two things and I eventually grew as I began to practice and explore music production.

As a Nigerian artist doing music in Canada, how are you able to connect with your African audience?

It has not been easy for me to connect to an African audience because of my location of residence but I have been able to create an audience for myself. Thanks to helpful resources like social media, music distributors, musical guidance counsellors, among others, I have been able to push my music not just to an African audience but to the world.

What has the acceptance been in Canada?

The acceptance has been great. I have gotten more opportunities and facilities in Canada as a musical artist and have rigorously used them to employ people to listen and accept the sound I make. The acceptance has been good for my taste so far.

With the rise of African artists across the globe, does it make it any easier now for talented artists to get the international music world’s respect?

Well, to me, with the right content and the right promotion tactics, it still isn’t easy because there is a lot of competition in the Afrobeats/Afropop music industry. To conquer this, you just have to be unique and have a unique sound in the industry.

Dreyy Flexx

Are you looking to collaborate with other African stars?

I have already started collaborating with other African stars. I’ve done music with up to three big artists that contributed a lot to the African audiences I have today.

What influences your music?

True life stories. Past, present and future events have made a huge picture of my sound. Basically, I sing with all that has happened to me or is going to happen to me. That is my uniqueness

In an industry saturated with new artists, what are you doing differently?

My music style; I’m an Afrofusion artist, yes, but I also add distinctive rapping into my songs and blend it to make them sound different. Like I said earlier, my uniqueness also stands me out as I sing based on true-life stories, fusing them into a melody.

As far as the Nigerian music industry is concerned, where do you believe you currently fit in and what heights do you aspire to reach?

Currently, I’m still an upcoming and unsigned musical artist trying to gain an audience. Basically, I’m looking for the game and I know I’ll get to the top one day. I’ve put my all into music and I take it as a career, and one that builds up a career with dedication tends to reach higher places.

Dreyy Flexx

If you could change anything about the Nigerian music industry, what would it be?

I would just put in more effort to make sure more opportunities are created for artists with young and good talents.

When can fans expect a debut album?

Trust me when I say this, my debut album, even if it’s not the next big thing will shock many. Even I am shocked that I can create something as beautiful as this as an up and coming artist.

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