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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lanre Nzeribe, Monalisa Chinda's Break Up Turns Messier, As Rumoured Sex Tape Of Actress Hits Town!

The business and romantic break up between actress Monalisa Chinda and socialite, Lanre Nzeribe has turned messier.

Information filtering to revealed that added to the mix of allegations of lies, deceit, unfaithfulness, material and emotional swindling is rumour of an alleged sex tap.

Guarded talks have it the sex tape reveals the actress in sexual ecstasy with another, at the time she was supposed to be 'very in love and involved' with Nzeribe.

Details of how the sex tape came about are still very sketch- but snippets garnered revealed, it is still a very 'shielded' commodity.

Apparently the emergence of this 'disclosure' paints a picture of all the fault of the collapse romance not all that of nzeribe, widely adjudged a ladies man - with a chunk of popular names romantic dalliances to his name as pastime.

It will be recalled that after a while of perceived altar bound relationship - with Monalisa, a lifestyle magazine named after her as part of the gains, actress Monalisa Chinda had walked out of her celebrity affair with society guy, Lanre Nzeribe. And the publishing enterprise they set up together.

Allegations and counter allegations over reasons for the break up had knitted up a trail of lies, deceit, betrayal and related union wreckers.  A path that just turned messier, with talks of a rumoured sex tape proofing accusation of infidelity joining the mix.

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