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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Allegation of sloppy mode of operation and fraudulent activities trails GT Bank

Nigerians took to social media on Tuesday morning to criticize GT Bank over its alleged ‘sloppy mode of operation and fraudulent activities.”

Some of the complaints also include excessive charges on transactions and late notifications.

Below are some of the complaints seen on Twitter.

99% OPPRESSED @Truthfully83 

Guarantee Trust Bank,  @gtbank

what is happening to your bank? 

Customers cash are just disappearing left, right, center.

Please what is happening?

I have received a lot of complain today.

Local Yahoo boys, capitalizing on the long holidays to sweep people's accounts.


Àkànní @demoladrey/

Since yesterday 

@gtbank_help @gtbank debited me for the electricity token I bought using their Bank App and up till now, I haven’t gotten the electricity token. What type of incompetence is this?


Dr. T @DrTubo

Might have to change my bank from @gtbank @gtbank_help

Their way nor too pure again. Platinum customer nor dey help. Na thesame trenches everybody dey. Fx payment for almost one month never still hit account. Nor be juju be that? Abi una don use my small thing do food festival?😪


Abiodun A.O 🔄@AbiodunOfficial

Since GTBank is trending @gtbank @gtbank_help

I have had more than 4 dispense errors in the past 2 weeks  which I logged in your app, but till this moment none has been reversed and it used to be automatically reversed in the past without delay, what is happening to you guys?


Hàde 👑 Holúwà @adexzzzy

GTBank is very prone to fraudulent activities this days, if you've an account with them be very careful 😊


Angrykid @angrykkid

I recharged with my GTBANK app, I was debited and it's getting to 2 weeks now I haven't seen the airtime.

The day I'll go to their bank, you'll see the gist on instablog.


OLAYINKA🦍🦍🦍 @Ola_quality1

@gtbank have the highest rate in charging accounts. They will deduct money for Monthly SMS, still deduct Vat on the Sms fee again.


Elizabeth Ekpo (nee Udoh) @lizieshef

@gtbank why are your email alerts coming 24-48 hrs after a transaction?  If it’s a fraudulent transaction then it can’t quickly to contained. 

Pls fix this.Your services are becoming less and less everyday. Let’s go back to the days of top notch excellent customer experience 🙏🏻


Brown Legacy 🪙 💰 @Brownielegacy

I abandoned my @gtbank

 account because of excessive charges. How you guys charge me for every alert and still charge me for the alerts at the end of the month? Make una kuku carry gun dey rob instead of doing it in disguise


Arinze @Arinzeuche01

I have been patient for a month since I filled Form A for my tuition deposit but @gtbank

 has refused to do anything about it. Deadline for payment is May 6th but no response from them yet, rather I've been getting automated msgs. This is my worst experience with  @gtbank


Hauwa❤️ @H_a_u_w__h

What’s going on with  @gtbank and me not receiving debit emails immediately after transaction!!! And moreover why take out money on every transfer I make!!! How’s this fair??


Nebechi | Social Media Manager @digi_obsessed So after doing Industrial training, my mates got paid but I didn't because I use GTB. Ah! 

@gtbank you failed me! 😢

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