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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Popular Pool Magnate, Billionaire Kessington Adebutu has kicked out his second wife,Yinka- and not only this but also severed all forms of relationship with her.
Sources attribute this development to the discovery of fetish objects on the woman.
The objects described as fearsome spectacle of juju reportedly contained among other things a list of the names of the Ijebu, Ogun state born Billionaire and his children from his other wives.
The names were reportedly written on a piece of paper and woven round one of the objects in the pool of fetish bearing.
Sources claimed that but for fate- the development would have remained hidden.
Tracing the incidents that led to the discovery of the marriage wrecking conduct an insider revealed that divulged that
‘it really was something out of a book. It began with the arrest of an unknown young man for suspected internet fraud’
Information revealed that in the course of investigating the suspicion against the suspect, plain clothes policemen form a police division in Iperu Remo Ogun state – the base of the billionaire – stormed his home.
Part of the discovery were fetish objects that that were taken to the police station and the suspect placed under arrest on added allegation of being a cultist and ritualist.

The suspect later discovered to be the son of an influential player in the commerce of the area reportedly confessed to policemen that all the fetish offerings found on him belonged to his mother.
The mother was immediately arrested and whisked to the police station as well.
To avoid ending in a police cell like her son, the mother told the police the true owner of the objects.
She named Yinka Adebutu- the second wife of influential money man and philanthropist Kessington Adebutu.
Based on the dimension the investigation was taking- the police immediately contacted the money man- before inviting his wife for questioning.
The man of means was said to have arrived the station before his wife- and reportedly positioned at a spot he could hear all that was said.
On arrival Yinka was said to have owned up to the ownership of the materials- but begged that the matter quietly resolved.
The police agreed and called her husband from hiding to come and be a part of the sweeping it under the carpet conspiracy.
Informant that divulged that a shocked Yinka couldn’t believe her eyes when her husband came out and confronted her.
The billionaire was said to have immediately told her that he would find it very hard to continue living with her henceforth.
Yinka was said to have returned home- and packed her bags and move out of the world of the man of means.
Sources maintained the agreement with the police that the matter remained a close case remained.
Informants claimed that the growing shame of the development forced Yinka out of the country. She is tagged presently on self exile in London.
She is however said to be enlisting the help of close friends of her estranged husband to get him to have a rethink about their marriage.
Before she ran into trouble waters- Yinka, blessed with two children for the billionaire was very close to the Ijebu chief.
Chief Adebutu, the promoter of lottery widely known by the street parlance ‘Baba Ijebu’ is married to three women- including Yinka.

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