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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Business has taken a disappointing turn at all night fun place Tribecca.
And according to those who should know this is very apparent for visitors to the place to see- especially during business hours.
Tribecca, the night club pundits tipped to be the convergence of night crawlers over time is gradually slipping into the status of just another club.
Sited on Adetokunbo Ademola street Victoria Island Lagos and reputed to have an adoring interior setting- sources hinged the inability of current manager and stake holder, Charles Ahize to suitable fill in the vacuum created by sacked partner Ahmed Uhwubetine.
And to make matter worse Ahize is said to be giving spenders at the place ‘the attitude’.
Before he delved into night club business Ahize was an established man about town and huge spender. Operating under the label international business man- he has an automobile sales business to his name. He was a recurring factor at top of the range night clubs and maintains V.I.P status with the happening crowd.
He is said to be relating with patrons at his place with the mien he operated with in his days as a distinguished night crawler.
Most of the patrons are said to resent this and attitude.
The general summation around town is ‘ common he can’t be looking down on us while still making a living off us- if he wants all that reverence he should call his bootlickers every club days and give them the music and drinks free of charge!’
Sources claim in other to avoid his attitude regular patrons prefer to enjoy themselves at other leisure places.
This naturally has resulted in continuous slipping of the club from the A-list to just another hang out by the day
And, naturally huge loss of revenue for the enterprise every passing day.

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