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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Details As NNPC Superman Roland Ewubare, Buries Mother With Great Affluence!

A Funeral To Remember…NNPC Superman, Roland Ewubare, Buries Mother In Grand Style   
Nobody ever makes a lovely corpse but when she was alive, Roland Onoriode Ewubare’s mother, Queen  Erukoghene Ewubare, characterized the essence of loveliness and more. Now that she has passed on, Roland, one of the shining stars in NNPC, would fight the battle of his life never to let go, the wonderful, sweet memories bequeathed to him by his mother.
There is no doubting the fact that if Madam Ewubare looks back and
sees the carnival-like funeral held in her wake, she would be full of gratitude and proud of her son.
Yesterday, Friday, Lagos literally stood still as the crème of Nigeria’s high society stormed Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, to attend the grand ascension of Roland ‘s mother to the afterlife. Expectedly, it was a star-studded event. All the rich men and women in oil and gas sector trooped out to pay their last respects to Madam Erukoghene Ewubare.
Yes, life is good for Roland. He literally lives in a bubble; unfettered access to tons of money, all things bright, bubbly and beautiful; lives big in Banana Island, Lagos. Many of his peers and protégés would give a limb to swap places with him for just one day.
However, guests were treated to a classy display of affluence and gourmet feast even as champagne flowed freely. He spared no expense to make the day a memorable one. From carefully selected hors d’oeuvre, mouth-watering menus, to afterses that tickle and tempt, and champagnes and cognacs and exotic wines, Roland had the guests feasting and bingeing with decent abandon while good music played in the background. Mirth and merry hovered in the air. The host had a permanent smile on his face as he moved from table to table ensuring nothing was in short supply; a flute with bubbly that never ran short, never leaving his hand.
The sheer elegance of the venue, electrified by kaleidoscopic chandeliers, further gave expression to the preparedness and meticulousness of the organizers. They made sure that the guests were pampered to no end with numerous bottles of the choicest champagne, and nobody left until the drinks had thinned to a tributary.
From the exotic menu and grand atmosphere of class and camaraderie on display at the event, not a few dignitaries swooned as they were captivated by the stunning exhibition of affluence and class.
But despite being bereaved, Roland managed to establish that he is one man who does not go for half measures. The quality of the funeral ceremony held in honour of his mother revealed a quality of measured finesse and care that went into the planning of the event

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