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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Oilman Bosun Oredola’s Children &Ex Wife Struggle To Make Ends Meet As He Lives Lavishly With New Wife Yinka, Gives Her Full Access To His Wealth.

 The children of Oil man Bosun Oredola are battling hard to make ends meet.

They currently live with
their mother and ex wife of the petroleum product dealer, Abiye.

Abiye is the daughter of dwindled in popularity female pastor, Bishop Bola Odeleke.

Odeleke once upon a time the darling of celebrity journals oversees Power Pentecostal Mission.

She is listed as the bedrock of Oredola’s rise in business and connection while he was married to her daughter.

The ‘’Bishop’’ was said to cash in on her influences and contacts to ensure her son in law ‘’made’’ it in order for her daughter Abiye and children produced from the marriage enjoy ‘’a good life’’.

But the reverse is said to be the case at present.

The marriage between Bosun and Abiye is over and a new wife, Yinka – the ex wife of Chris Ochai – is said to be luxuriating on the yields of the Bishop’s hard work.

Sources claim after he dumped Abiye over this and that issue, Bosun has moved out of her world and refused to look back.

His attention is said to be firmly fixed on the new wife he lavishes his wealth on.

Sources further revealed the Oilman is so besotted in his new marriage that he has give the key to his fortune to his new love.

‘’He now needs her permission to withdraw from his account because they run a joint one..he buys properties in her name’’ a source squealed.

The status symbol edifice situated in billionaire’s haven, Banana Island which they live in as husband and wife is said to bear the name of the wife
‘’that is how much love struck he is’’ a source stated.
But in the face of this huge attention on new Mrs Oredola, the former wife and his children are said to struggling hard to make ends meet.

‘’The situation is just like the move love struck he is with Yinka, the further he moves away from his children and refuses to have anything to do with them, especially his ex wife Abiye irrespective of whatever suffering they are going through’’ a source summed up the development

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