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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Why You Need To Enjoy YourSummer with FirstBank Dollar Denominated Cards

This summer promises to be an exciting one for holiday makers with FirstBank’s bouquet of Dollar denominated cards. 
Convenience, security, flexibility and improved spend are the key defining features of these Dollar cards. To delight customers, wherever they travel this summer,FirstBank offers three Dollar card products namely - Visa Gold, Visa Dollar Prepaid, and Visa Dual Currency Card.

FirstBank Visa Gold Card is issued either as a self-funded or a cash backed revolving credit card. This premium card, givesthe flexibility of defining your spend limit and is eligible for discount on purchases at selected Visa partnered merchant locations, worldwide. The revolving credit variant offers up to 45 days interest free period on utilised funds. Click here to learn more

The Visa Dollar prepaid card is the perfect travel card for secure and controlled spending. What you spend is limited to your pre-defined budget, which is paid into a dedicatedcard account. It is an ideal card to empower children and young adults to shop independently while on vacation and also suitable as an internet shopping cardor international gift card for friends, associates and loved ones. Click here to learn more

With FirstBank Visa Dual Currency Card, bothNaira and Dollar accounts are linked to a single card for direct spend, home and abroad.  The card givesaccess to spend from domiciliary account while out of the country and Naira account when customers are back in Nigeria.

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