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Friday, August 10, 2018

Why GTBank Provided Soft Landing For Culprit In Major Internal Fraud.

After he ripped the bank off and was subject of an internal investigation that indicted him and resulted in a police case, the management of Guaranty Trust Bank eventually provided a soft landing for the staffer that reportedly diverted what is tagged ''staggering '' official funds 

The GTBank and its image managers are now acting a script:
it didn’t happen.

But multiple confirmations insist it did happen.

And the situation was reportedly so messy that the indicted individual diverted huge money corporate gifts in the fraud now being ‘’covered up’’

The accused was one of those in charge of the corporate department of the bank led by Segun Agbaje.

‘’He actually interfaced with the media as a staff of GTbank’’ a source stated.

GTBank was forced to call some media partners to confirm receipt of certain honorarium that was discovered ‘’diverted’’.

The manner the fraud was perpetrated and the amount involved reportedly made the bank to place agency’s handling its account under investigation.

‘’It was staggering and the cloud of suspicious is yet to lift’’ a source disclosed.

The chief suspect in the major internal fraud was reportedly dragged to the Special Fraud Unit after internal investigation indicted him.

And rather than prosecute, the management of GTBank agreed to an arrangement for ‘’an agreed amount’’ to be repaid.

The indicted corporate communication staffer was advised to resign as a soft landing of a sort.

He has since secured employment in another bank.

‘’He gave hints of fight back by revealing more damning fraud in the bank and that is one thing GTBank cannot afford’’ a source disclosed.

The Segun Agbaje led bank spends a tidy sum to protect its image.

‘’If it wasn’t carefully handled like that, the situation would have made nonsense of  GTbank’s efforts putting place a sparkling corporate image with splotches from cans of worms the accused was in the position to open’’ a source revealed.

Despite these revelations, corporate person Oyinade Adegbite denied the development.

The soft-spoken corporate affairs top shot claimed ‘’it didn’t happen ‘’.

Oyinade also claimed the staffer indicated in the staggering fraud still come to visit, that he just left her office at the time of her reaction.

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