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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Funke Fowler, Aig Imohkuede In Altar Bound Romance

All things being equal this love match would most definitely end up as a match made in heaven. Many of those who know these 2 lovebirds have tagged it a perfect match!

you are one of the lovers of good music, especially also that genre that has been tagged the "old skool" when funk reigned supreme and music was still music, we can bet that you would most definitely have come across one major hit of the 80s by the incredible "Teddy Pendergrass" titled Love TKO! The jam was an extraordinary hit at that time and still evokes some major emotions even today, but this particular TKO isn't in bad light, but a sumptuously good one that makes one googled eyed in a fantastic way.

Something akin to the title of that badass jam seem to have occurred of recent, though both people in this beautiful love match, have thought to keep it  "totally off the radar", and have been quietly serenading each other for the last few months.

Who are we talking about here? It's none other than these 2 extraordinary loved up and great couple, the supremely gorgeous, awesomely delectable and very well mannered only daughter of the Inland Revenue czar (tax boss)- Mr Tunde Fowler, in the person of the super gorgeous and stylish Funke Fowler and the "Executive Director at Coronation Bank", where Nigerian billionaire, Tunde Folawiyo is the Chairman, in the person of "Aigbovbiose "Aig" Imohkuede".

Aig like he is mostly called by friends and others, is the younger and very quiet, extremely hard-working, very well mannered sibling of the former MD/CEO of Access Bank PLC, in the person of Aigboje Imohkuede.

According to our very many reliable birds in the sky, all things being equal, there is the major likelihood of this leading to wedding bells ringing and clanging sonorously sometime not too far in the future.

For the very loveable Funke, who is also known as Leila, it would be her 2nd missionary journey, after her first to her former beau Abbey Kuku didn't work out as envisaged. So both parties quietly went their ways without any rancour whatsoever.

For Aig, if all the elements falls into place and this happens as envisaged by all, this would be his first missionary journey and knowing him well, it would be a journey that he would do all to make sure to reach the best conclusion.

While Funke is a top fashion entrepreneur like you all already know, like you already must have read above, Aig is a guru in finance and management, who is at the top echelon of the game.

We are crazily happy for these 2 and we are hoping that it would end up as we all want.


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