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Friday, November 20, 2020

Untold Story Of How Tinubu Been Supporting Charity Homes & Organisations For The Past 21yrs

 Emerging details have revealed what Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu spends his salary on for the past 20 (Twenty) years.

The information available to revealed that Tinubu who was the governor of Lagos State from May 29 1999 till May 29, 2007 parcels out his salary to satisfy certain needs.

The information available to revealed the political leader shares his monthly salary as the Governor of Lagos state to different charity homes and associations as a form of support.

“He drew up a list of charity homes and associations and his salaries go to them, all through the time he was Governor of Lagos State and the practice continued after he left office with the benefit of the salary that comes to him as a former governor” learned.

Insiders disclosed that among the beneficiaries of Tinubu’s continuing good gesture are Paceli School for the blind, Modupe Cole Memorial Home, Spinal Chord Association of Nigeria, Wesley School For the Deaf, Atunda Olu School for the Physically Handicapped, M.D Special School, Children Development Centre, School For The Mentally Retarded (Boarding), Olusoye Compensatory Centre, Nigeria Society For The Blind , Olusoye Compensatory Centre, Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital Home Band School and others.

A part of the list

“I don’t have the full details of all the beneficiaries because it is something that he doesn’t make noise about” a source stated. gathered that when he left office in 2007 – after the constitutionally stipulated two terms, Tinubu directed that the beneficiaries of his salary should be placed on the income due to him as a former governor of Lagos State.

The checks by revealed that Tinubu is one of the beneficiaries of the about to be scrapped pension scheme for former Governors and their deputies.

Insiders insist that he used the income due to him from the pension scheme as a former governor to provide further support for the charity homes and organizations he lends helping hands.

Sample of Payments

Documents sighted by back this assertion.

Tinubu has thrown weight behind the decision to cancel the pension scheme by incumbent governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

“This Is A Bold And Courageous Move”- Tinubu Declares “Wholehearted Support” For Sanwo-Olu’s Planned Scrapping Of Pension Packages Of Ex Govs, Deps

“I don’t know how he intends to continue supporting the beneficiaries placed on that particular source of income once it is canceled but am sure he would find a way” a source stated.

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