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Saturday, February 13, 2016

YesMall offers discounts to Valentine shoppers

Online shoppers and couples have taken advantage of the Valentine season to intensify their purchases via the Skye Bank online shop, the YesMall and enjoy considerable discounts on their purchases.

Similarly, Small and medium enterprises (SME) operators and other local producers of goods and services have also begun to take advantage of the online shop to market and cross sell their products.

The increased purchases by couples and shoppers came just as the Valentine season approached, a period when lovers all over the world share intimate moments and exchange gifts to renew their love.

For such lovers and couples who are making their purchases now from, they are offered good discounts on every good bought. Thus, they are able to buy much more than they would if discounts were not given. 

The growing patronage of the electronic market stems from the bank’s huge customer base which automatically becomes ready market for such goods and services at no cost to the producers.

According to a statement issued by the bank, goods being marketed via the Yesmall platform include clothes, bags, shoes, safety seat for children, jewelry, and services, among others.

The statement added that sales volumes have been huge in the last two months and sellers are happy because they do not have to spend money on advertising or look for market to sell.

It would be recalled that Skye Bank Plc recently created an online store to complement the efforts of the industrious Nigerian entrepreneurs to display and sell their products and buy from fellow producers.

The online store, called YesMall, is a unique bundle which offers the benefits of a product on the one hand and the opportunities of an online  mall where the bank’s current and prospective SME and retail customers can buy and sell their products and services.

The bank said it came up with the platform after noticing that some SME operators found it difficult to sell their goods as most of the finished goods end up as   items of inventory in the warehouses.

Noting that e-commerce had gained ascendancy in both national and global trade, the bank  said it planned to facilitate the participation of Nigerian SME operators in the global e-commerce sales estimated at $1.5 trillion.

It is estimated that the potential worth of e-commerce in Nigeria is $10 billion per annum, which presents a huge opportunity for growing business.

“Available statistics show that the e-commerce sector in Nigeria currently boasts of about 300, 000 online orders daily. Our desire at Skye Bank is to substantially grow these figures and make e-commerce the new trade highway in Nigeria”, he said.
Other benefits of the mall, according to him, are the opportunity for SME customers to cross sell the bank’s numerous electronic products and e-payment solutions, as well as create opportunity for target marketing of retail customers.

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