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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dejavu! As Sasore’s Guber Ambition Gives Ambode’s Men Cause For Concern

Multiple checks revealed that the Aspirant that has the wherewithal to battle Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for who becomes the next Chief Executive Officer of Lagos state has emerged.
He is
Olasupo Sasore MIthe former Attorney General of Lagos state.
In what is quietly turning out a case of Dejavu, awareness material signifying Sasore’s interest to become the next governor of Lagos state have started flying about.
And his supporters have started mouthing the ambition to party men as well as why he needs to secure Lagos All Progressives Gubernatorial ticket ahead re-election seeking incumbent Ambode.
His feats in and out of government are being trumpeted to show he is more than prepared for the job at hand.
Sasore was a major contender in the Lagos APC primaries Ambode won to become serving governor.
The former Attorney General was fiercely backed by then-incumbent Governor Babtunde Fashola – now minister – while Ambode enjoyed the passionate support of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
Insiders claim for Sasore, his line of support remains unraveled.
“Even more, strengthened” a source claim.
However, the realities of governance and politics are believed to have caused certain glitches in the relationship between Ambode and some of those who were his passionate backers.
Though good for shaping public perception, insiders claim the Governor and his key men are not taking the round of endorsements from different corners of state on face value.
“This is especially so with a formidable opponent like Sasore to contend with” a source explained.
Checks revealed Sasore is being positioned as the perfect alternative for all those with this and that grouse with Ambode in the party – and the governor’s supporters are not unaware of this stealth move.
“They are fighting back with campaign Sasore is Fashola’s ploy and by extension, the move of all those against Asiwaju to seize Lagos state from the powerful politician” societynow learned.
Multiple checks revealed wherever the APC gubernatorial ticket eventually lands, one thing is becoming certain – the two sides (Ambode and Sasore’s) have what it takes to contend for what is at stake and give each other a run for the whole nine yards.
“And it is already happening, but not that pronounced at present” a source pointed out.

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