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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Legacy Foods M.D Fasuyi Becomes Talk Of The Town

There is a new talk of the town, especially in Ekiti state.

And it is Cyril Fasuyi, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Foods.

Checks revealed the
international businessman is making the rounds on the lips of high society because of his good deeds.

According to a source, ‘’ this international businessman of repute is well loved by his people in Ekiti due to his kindness and humility. He has been a great pillar of support to several orphans, widows and physically challenged, many of whom have been through school/vocation in Ekiti as a result of his kindheartedness.
Cyril can go to any length to stand by and support his friends and this has endeared him to many of his kinsmen’’ further gathered that Cyril’s penchant for providing a helping hand has roots in his background.
An insider divulged that ‘’ Cyril will always tell his friends and those around him that having tasted poverty, he does not wish or pray that anybody close to him suffers in life’’

Added revelation has it that Cyril is attracting great attention because he is not a politician, not seeking political appointment and yet always helping out – without strings attached.
‘’It is amazing and that is why he is being talked about all over the place’’ a source insisted.

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