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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Family Fight Over Burial Site For Socialite, Henry Abebe & Why Wife, Beatrice May Shun Funeral Rites!

 Family members are currently engaging one another over where to bury socialite and friend of many, Henry Abebe.
The cause of the on going grouse is disclosed as
'whether to bury him in Lagos or Benin'.

Also amongst issues ruffling feathers is what role his estranged wife would plan in proceedings.

Here are details of this ongoing episode.

'Following the shocking death of Henry Abebe, Popular Socialite and brother of late former First Lady, Stella Obasanjo, his immediate family are at war over the nature and venue of the burial.
An insider revealed that in the past few weeks there have been serious quarrel in-house. While his only surviving brother, Dr. John Abebe and their dad wants him buried in Lagos, their mum, Madam Theresa and the only surviving sister, Mrs.  Rita Harold-Shodipo wants him buried in their homestead in Iruekpen, Edo State
We have it on good authority that a devastated Dr. John who is currently in the United Kingdom has been working the phones to resolve the matter. Henry’s death hit the family hard especially because he is the fifth member of the Abebe clan to has passed on while their parents are still alive.
henry Abebe 1
Their father, Dr. Christopher Abebe, who was the first indigenous Managing Director of UAC is 95 and their mother, Madam Theresa who is in her 80s have been in deep mourning since this incident happened.
'Meanwhile, we can exclusively reveal that Henry Abebe’s final hours actually began in Lagos. He had come to Lagos to pick up his French visa in preparation for the birthday of his elder brother, Dr. John when trouble began.
We were told that he was at the VFS Global office (where such visas are processed) in Lekki, Lagos when he complained of severe pain at the back of his head. The pain was so bad that he rang his brother and he recommended that he saw a doctor that evening.
Henry reportedly saw the doctor and was given some medication before he eventually flew to Abuja. It was in Abuja that Henry who has had his blood flushed three times outside our shoures and was reportedly managing a liver-related disease took a turn for the worse. He was rushed to a hospital and that was where despite all attempts, he lost the battle of life!
Meanwhile, it is not certain if his wife, Beatrice will be present when the burial plans are finalised, it is alleged that the lady who is the mother of his three children, Manny, Anthony and Nicole was not in very good terms with her husband before this tragedy struck.'
....source- thelightnews
Henry Abebe

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