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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Oil Mogul, Jide Omokore In Fresh Adultery Escapade! Splashes 2015 Rav , $300.000 On New Mistress Itunnu

Embattled oil mogul, Jide Omokore just headlined a fresh adultery sexcapde.
The man in the thick of battles to keep the stream of his wealth flowing just picked a new mistress.
And spending lavishly to enjoy the tending that takes his mind of business troubles.
Here are the details
baron, Jide Omokore just made a gesture that increased frenzy by those searching for means to get close to him.

An inside source disclosed of the major pillars of Seven Energy and also the chairman and chief executive officer of Energy Resource Group just acquired the 2015 Edition of automobile, Rav 4 for his latest girl friend, Itunnu.

The lady widely known as Itunnu Ariks by friends is reported to have also gotten a $300,000 shopping fund to the bargain.

Findings by revealed the wonder on wheels was purchased from a car mart in Opebi, Ikeja area of Lagos state.

An insider confirmed ‘Otunba Omokore ordered for the 2015 Rav 4 is for his girl friend, Itunnu ’.

Additional digs revealed such expense gestures in expressing care for lady friends he enjoys more than a casual relationship with is not strange to the top level player in the Oil industry said to be business fronts for powerful individuals in government.

Sources disclosed he once bought a home in Lekki along with a N100m gift for a former beauty queen mistress.

This is outside of reports he once gifted a foreign lady lover a $500,000 worth custom Rolls Royce.
According to someone conversant with his ways ‘these are just glimpse into his extravagant spending he undertakes to relish in out of the norms comfort’
Added information revealed single ladies and married women very keen to cash in on Omokore’s large spending for easy comfort in exchange for providing affection have turned spiritual to get close to him.

‘these women have started doing all sort of things for him to notice them and spend lavish on them as is really something else, with hints of some going diabolical sniffing out as well’ an insider disclosed.

Interestingly Omokore who is married to banker Angela Ebagua stands implicated in a $6b fraud the rocked the petroleum industry.

The ripple effect of his indictment and along with that of his partner on the run, Kola Aluko has pitched him at odds with the Presidency.
He is said to working hard at retaining confidence and contacts that would ensure continuous flow of profitable deals his way – in the face of talks President Jonathan has ordered stoppage of money spinner contracts that serve as bedrock of his massive wealth.
Omokore’s partner and main man, Kola Aluko had gone underground on the heels of discovery he couldn’t account for proceeds of mega deals facilitated by Petroleum Minister, Dieziani Allison Madueke.
Though the Resource Energy Group Chaiman claims ignorance of actions that forced Aluko off the scene, business backers after his partner- including President Jonathan refuse to believe his claim.
But judging from his recent monetary and automobile gift to his latest girlfriend, it appears even threats against his major source of wealth not enough to put him off ‘play’.

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