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Thursday, January 29, 2015

PPMC Boss, Haruna Momoh, Best Friend Winnie Wellington Quarrel Over Jewel Transactions Between Wives!

The very close rapport between PPMC boss, Haruna Momoh and his bosom friend, Winnie Wellington is no more.

And at the heart of development that threw them apart is listed 'a piece of jewel transaction between their wives'

Here are the details.

Though a quarrel in the streets is a thing to be hated, the energies displayed in it are fine; the commonest man shows a grace in his quarrel, sometimes. But what if its two noble men drawing their sheathed swords? What if its friends barring their aristocratic canines, like recalcitrant cats?

The above scenario aptly captures the reasons for the irreparably ruptured relationship between two very close friends.Before coming into prominence and power, Prince Haruna Momoh, te managing director of the Pipeline Products Marketing Company, PPMC,  and Winnie Wellington were ride or die buddies who did virtually everything together. But that bond is long lost now. If the rumour mill is right, the two former friends turned best fiends indeed, pose a conundrum for high society to ponder over their sudden estrangement.

 In the mafia-esque oil and gas industry, with its unwritten and understated Omerta, the fight between the two men is understandably hush-hush. We do not expect it to be cannon-fodder for the blogs and tabloids anyway because Haruna is a primus inter pares in the oil and gas industry. Because of his meteoric rise on the ladder of billions, many say he is the kind of guy that you give a rope and he automatically wants to become a cowboy. Obscenely wealthy, Haruna is versed in the art of putting money to good use for the enjoyment and pampering of self and to the benefit and betterment of humanity.

 His unprecedented rise to the pinnacle of the company's leadership cadre was said to have had influential inputs from Wellington. In fact, a source said but for Wellington, Haruna might not have been considered for the highly coveted post.

Predictably, Wellington looked forward to a rewarding season from his friend but fate and circumstance played a fast one on them. No sooner had concrete plans for monumental gains been perfected by both friends than an issue came up between them.

Wellington's wife bought an expensive piece of luxury jewels from Haruna's wife, Halene (who is of Barbadian and Nigerian descent). Few days after the transaction, Mrs. Wellington discovered the jewelry was defective and asked Halene to replace it for her. Halene was not disposed to changing it, so, she became elusive. Sensing Halene's attitude, Mrs. Wellington informed her hubby about it in hope that he could prevail on Haruna to talk to his wife. When Wellington and Haruna met later, he impressed it on him to plead with his wife to replace the jewel. Haruna promised to intervene. And that was the last Wellington heard or saw Haruna.
Therefrom, Haruna, sources said, would not answer his friend's calls or reply text messages, sometimes for days on end. What was hitherto a robust friendship turned sour. Alas, at that time too, Wellington fell on bad times as his finances nosedived. All the hopes he hinged on Haruna to hit it big at PPMC crashed like a pack of badly arranged cards.

With no hopes in sight, and with his finances plunging further into the abyss, Wellington gathered all he had and his family, and relocated to the United States where he has been hustling to make both ends meet. Haruna has continued to carry on, amassing as much as he can, without looking back or checking out what has become of his old time friend; the man who sacrificed all for a friend. So we heard.

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