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Monday, April 3, 2017

Inside Jimoh Ibrahim’s Big Money Investments In Dubai As Dapo Abiodun Buys Off His Petrol Stations

Jimoh Ibrahim is on a roll. The billionaire magnate floats on an epic blaze of glory even as you read, like the fabled titan whose exploits dwarfs the attainments of peers. Jimoh Ibrahim, who has just
completed two masters degrees from Oxford and Cambridge Universities has decided to globalize his business.
To this end, he established an investment bank in Hong Kong to open up business opportunities in the Asian market. He paid about $47 million to acquire the bank license to operate it. That brings the number of banks in the group to three with one in Ghana and another in Sao Tome. Jimoh has also opened a new corporate office in Dubai to oversee his overseas operations. With his level of investment in Dubai he has been given the status of an Investor.
In Dubai, he owns a five-star hotel and a few commercial properties. He is also big in the real estate business of Dubai. He also owns a lovely mansion in an exclusive area of Dubai where all their super rich citizens live. He will be travelling with about 200 friends and family members in mid May for his graduation at Oxford, and after spending 3 days they will proceed to Dubai for his office opening.
Though, he turned 50 about 4 weeks ago he could not celebrate it because that was the period he was writing his final papers at Oxford University. He plans to celebrate it big in April. To mark his golden age, he ordered for a N300 million Rolls Royce Phantom from Coscharis Motors with personalized number plate JI CFR. That is his 2nd Roll Royce. His first Rolls Royce is in his house in London.
However, Dapo Abiodun, billionaire magnate, has given the breath of life to Jimoh Ibrahim’s comatose enterprise. Like the gust of breeze that ignites dying embers and cold hearths, the Heyden Oil boss is resuscitating Jimoh’s moribund petrol enterprise. He is doing so by buying up Jimoh’s dilapidated fuel stations; he has acquired 50 of Jimoh’s fuel stations till date.


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