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Friday, March 26, 2010


The partners in wave making night business, Tribecca – Ahmed Uhwubetine and Charly Akporocha- are nursing a festering disagreement.
Information made available to Man About Town indicates that this discord has root in differences over money matters.
Insiders explained that the two individuals acting as active participants in administration of the club for other investors are at logger heads over the best way to go about recouping money spent on the investments.
Charly Akprocha the connected friend of powerful politicians is said to favour increasing the prices of hired facilities and related services rendered by the all night fun place.
Ahmed a seasoned hand in the game is said to prefer a subtle approach of competitive prices against the backdrop of fees charged by other providers of their kind of services.
The diverse approach to the running of the business which is said to have resulted in the rejection of certain contractual arrangement facilitated by Uhwubetine over alleged ‘unbecoming fee’ is said to be speedily resulting in open conflict between the two top guns in the enterprise.
Investigations conducted by Man About Revealed that what particularly brought the matter to the public domain was the refusal of Akprocha to allow the organisers of Industrial Nite Jos, an effort aimed at raising money for victims of the Plateau state ethnic massacre to stage their event at the Adetokunbo Ademola sighted night club despite assurances from his business partner Uhwubetine to the organisers of the show.
Informants explained that the organisers were forced to shift the event to another venue, Get Arena along Lekki Epe express way when they couldn’t fulfil renew conditions by Akprocha to make use of Tribecca.
The man believed to be fronting for major sponsor of the investment had reportedly demanded for increased fee from the organisers of the show partly sponsored by Telecommunication company MTN.
The part owner of the place maintained the arrangement Uhwubetine had with the organisers was inimical to the growth of the enterprise.
Effort by Uhwubetine to save face by making his partner allow the show to hold based on earlier arrangements was labelled futile.
Sources explained the scenario that came to be a couple of days back has really flawed their otherwise smooth personal and business relationship.
Presently the duo are said to be very wary of each- with some hinting just like he always does in such circumstances, Uhwubetine might be contemplating moving in such a manner that the other partners will have no choice but to buy him out of the business.
Before he teamed up with the Tribeca team, Ahmed Uhwubetine an experienced hand in the night life business came to fame with rested place of enjoyment 11.45- he later teamed up with Yobo Joseph and fellow night club operator Akeem Shodehinde to float reloaded later renamed Insomnia after new partners were brought in. He pulled out on the basis that too many investors had become a part of the business. He moved from that experience to manage his own place X Hotel.
Before many knew what was happening -new partners had bought into his dream and he left the place in their care to forge alliances with man about town and money man Charly Akprocha to float a new night club, Tribeca.

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