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Friday, March 26, 2010


Owner and Administrator of business concerns Avian Speciality and Biological concept, Mr Gbenga James has done away with his self imposed social exile.
The man that attained national infamy as business partner of former governor of Ekiti state in an alleged multibillion naira poultry business gone sour had shunned all thing social engagement for over two years now.
He was said to have done this on the heels of his protracted case with anti graft agency Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
The EFFC was trying to determine is culpability in the alleged poultry business scam set up by former governor fayose to milk Ekiti state dry- when he was in power.
The project was set up with the help of Gbenga James.
The EFCC investigation had branded James a criminal and many of his assets seized.
He was paraded in chains up and down and kept in custody until he agreed to a plea bargaining that indicted Fayose.
On his release- but with the case on, he had shunned all manner of social engagements.
Many believed he adopted the attitude in other to avoid further persecution from the anti graft body and for public opinion against him to die down.
This was until Saturday March 20 2010.
Gbenga James had stormed the multiple poverty alleviation programmes of honourable Folake Oshinowo, the wife of Tunde Oshinowo the Lagos socialite friends call Teddy Shine.
Incidental Tunde Oshinowo was also fingered in the looting of Ekiti state preferred against Fayose by the EFCC- his was not as alarming as that of Gbenga James.
James was said to have spent hours been a part of the poverty alleviation programme held in Ibadan Oyo state.
He surprised many by relishing in the after party like he used to do at such occasions before the EFCC saga.
Many believed that his recent move indicate his days of fear of persecution are over.

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