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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


News filtering in indicates that the doors of popular enjoyment centre situated in Victoria Island Lagos Aqua 24\ 7 are locked at present.
Those who should know divulged that the owner of the place Folake Odutola took this decision as part of moves to repackage the place.
Informants claimed that the society lady is not happy with the kind of patronage the kind of services dispense at the place attracts.
Most of her efficient hands are said to have left the business in pursuit of personal ambitions.
Folake is said to be finding replacement for the veritable hands that left her employment hard.
According to a source ‘ she felt she could make do with the people on ground but based on what reflected on the account book- it was very obvious the difference between the people that left and those that were on ground was glaring’
Further investigations revealed that the lady that went to war with her former lover Lanre Nzeribe over allegations of threats to life and related matters was forced to take temporary reprieve from decreasing standards with the closure.
She is said to have done this in order to have ample time to put together the perfect team that will provide the kind of services that will uplift the fun place to desired standard and commercial success.
The projected time it will take to piece together such a team is not clear at present

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